Men’s Skincare Trends Continue to Rise Reaching the Hottest Climates

Menaji Skincare
Menaji Skincare

Palm Springs, CA retailer The Men’s Room, continues to meet the trend in men’s cosmetics, delivering local and destination vacationers the products they want to keep them well-groomed, stylish and looking flawless at all times. This savvy retailer has a pulse on the Palm Springs market and provides skincare/cosmetic products that caters to local and tourist year round.

Known as a fashionable resort in the 1900’s, today tourism is a major factor for the city. Whether with a second home or tourist in for a weekend of fun, guys have a source for the products they need.

Established five years ago, The Men’s Room carries the full line of Mënaji Skincareproducts, which they cross merchandise with great contemporary men’s clothing to give their customers a complete look from head to toe.

“The Mënaji line is the perfect fit for our retail location in Palm Springs, aka the ‘Hollywood of the Desert’,” says Chris Barker, operations director for the Men’s Room’s parent company, “Here locals and trend-setting L.A. vacationers alike are well aware that image is King. Mënaji fills an otherwise empty void in men’s skincare and cosmetics for those who need high quality and performance products to have them always putting their best face forward.”

In addition to Mënaji’s Face & Body Scrub, Deep Cleansing Masque, 911 Eye Gel, Anti-Aging Eraser, Power Aftershave Hydrator, and Lip Balm Agent, The Men’s Room carries the signature cosmetic products – CAMO Magnum Concealer’s and HDPV Anti-Shine Powder’s in multiple “skin tone true” shades that provide well-groomed men with healthy, undetectable cosmetics.

“We’re thrilled to work with this talented retail team,” say Pamela Viglielmo, COO of Mënaji World Wide, LLC. “The Men’s Room knows its male customers and we are delighted that the Mënaji Skincare line of award winning products meet their clients needs. We just know that they’re a lot of very good looking men in LA and Palm Springs thanks to The Men’s Room!”

Reflecting the latest in prestige packaging, Mënaji Skincare has brought to market an updated look and feel for their best-selling HDPV Anti-Shine Powders. Mënaji Worldwide, LLC. owner of the men’s grooming brand Mënaji Skincare, turned to BERT CO. paper and company in TN to create their new look and package.

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