Camo Concealer for Men is THE New “Eye Black”

Camo Concealers - The New Eye Black
  The big day is Sunday and “eye black “, a dark cosmetic applied under the eyes and intended to reduce glare, will be found on and off the field as both teams and spectators get ready!   Available at sports shops everywhere, eye black is commonly worn by baseball and American football players, all the way down to high school teams. Used to make it less likely for a player to lose an incoming airborne ball against the glare of the sun or stadium lights, it even comes multiple colors and in a waterproof formula for use by surfers too! The history behind eye black is pretty cool.  Although its origins in baseball are more obscure, according to a study by Yale University , there is evidence of eye black use dating back to a 1942 photograph of a Washington Redskins player named Andy Farkas.  A traditional compound of carbon, paraffin wax, and beeswax , today’s eye black is more cosmetic and is applied differently than when players first rubbed a burnt cork under their eyes. A second plus, the stickiness of modern eye black also allows it to act as a dust trap, useful in keeping grit from getting in the eyes of players. Many other substances have been tried, ranging from hockey tape to patented antiglare stickers: but none seem to work as well in negating glare and ensuring a player sees his best. NOTE: A trend in recent years saw a number of players painting their entire faces in eye black, but in professional leagues this usage is heavily fined. What happens after the game? Men are adding color of a different kind in the form of concealers to hide natural dark circles under the eyes and improve overall skin tones.  A trend that continues to rise and not be seen, concealers blend with the natural color of a man’s skin. And, while a lack of sleep usually takes the natural blame for your dark circles, the real culprits are your parents!   Yes, that’s right, dark circles can be an inherited trait that is only made worse by poor diet and late night partying….kind of like what you plan to do watching the Super Bowl! So, don’t be shy, your sports heroes use a cosmetic product under their eyes and you should too. A discreet , undetectable product, concealers are used for spot coverage anywhere needed (under eyes, blemishes, razor bumps, age spots), and not applied to the whole face. All you have to do is apply a small amount to problem areas by using your index finger or using directly from the tube. Lightly & very gently blend onto skin by patting with fingertip.
You can also tap down the bridge of your nose and out around the cheek over any discolored areas and reapply as needed. Have a great looking Super Bowl!