Mënaji Skincare Announces Winners in FLHS Advertising Competition

FLHS Advertising Team
FLHS Advertising Team

On January 13th, Mënaji Skincare announced the winners of the Fairfield Ludlowe High School Advertising Competition. This event was the third advertising competition participated in by FLHS Advertising students, since the creation of the course last year. Students spent the semester preparing an advertising campaign for the national brand Mënaji Skincare, which is headquartered in Southport, CT.

Five teams competed for the business of Mënaji Skincare, creating a one year advertising plan that had to stay within a budget of $10,000. Representatives from the company included Chief Operating Officer: Pamela Viglielmo, Chief Financial Officer: Eric Groberg, and Director of Social Media: Nancy Kenney.

Teams had to prepare a written advertising plan consisting of a print campaign, social media plan, banner advertising, a one-year budget and a promotional schedule. Each team gave a 15-minute pitch to the client and responded to questions from Mënaji representatives and school administrators.

The winning team was the “Mënaji Mavens” consisting of Lauren D’Eramo, Emma Pinkus, Carolinne Bastos, and Morgan Galdenzi. Their campaign was called “He’ll Fit Right In”, and interestingly targeting women instead male consumers. The group defined their campaign by stating women are already spending a high price point for skincare, and would be more likely to purchase a product like Mënaji Skincare. They emphasized that women invest both time and money accessorizing and perfecting their look, and that they want the man on their arm to do the same.

It was a difficult decision for Mënaji, and they expressed that there were ideas from each group they would utilize. COO Pamela Viglielmo said: “This Ludlowe High Advanced Advertising class with Ms. Stefanie Cole really delivered. Their semester-long project gave our men’s lifestyle brand Mënaji Skincare fresh creative material for new print advertisements and social media campaigns, as well as relevant Digital Content for our consumer driven brand in other public relations and press channels. The students were just great and their final presentations spot on!”

The Advanced Advertising & Design course at Fairfield Ludlowe High School is composed of juniors and seniors who have completed prerequisite business courses with a focus on marketing and is taught by Stefanie Cole. The course exposes students to the added element of creating work for an outside client, as well as having to pitch their finished campaign. The class follows a model set by some of the strongest college business programs throughout the country.

FLHS Headmaster Greg Hatzis said: “The FLHS Advertising Competition is one of the most authentic assignments any student can partake in through their high school career. There is no doubt that the students take this challenge seriously and their creativity and research are nothing short of astounding. I love seeing how each customer is so impressed by the campaigns that the students design and each one walks away with some amazing ideas for promoting their business or service.”

Stefanie Cole expressed “We would like to thank Mënaji Skincare for being such an engaging and involved partner. Their brand was dynamic and their positioning in the industry presented a lot of strategic challenges that were fun to overcome. Without the partnership of real businesses in the community, this real-world experience for students would not be possible.” If you are a business owner and are interested in participating in the FLHS Advertising Competition, please contact Stefanie Cole at scole(at)fairfieldschools(dot)org.

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