Monthly Archives: January 2014

Camo Concealer for Men is THE New “Eye Black”

  The big day is Sunday and “eye black “, a dark cosmetic applied under the eyes and intended to reduce glare, will be found on and off the field as both teams and spectators get ready!   Available at sports shops everywhere, eye black is commonly worn by baseball and American football players, all the way down […]

What is a Personal Skincare Consultation?

  Ever wonder what’s a personal skincare consultation and if you want one? We are giving you the chance to be in the know as part of our Super Bowl Giveaway! You’ll receive a personal walk-through on what you need to do to achieve better looking skin in a 30 minute consultation with Mënaji Skincare […]

Mënaji Skincare Announces Winners in FLHS Advertising Competition

On January 13th, Mënaji Skincare announced the winners of the Fairfield Ludlowe High School Advertising Competition. This event was the third advertising competition participated in by FLHS Advertising students, since the creation of the course last year. Students spent the semester preparing an advertising campaign for the national brand Mënaji Skincare, which is headquartered in […]

A New Year. A New YOU!

There’s nothing like the feeling of starting over or starting something new in your life.  Good or bad, change is a natural part of personal, physical and mental growth for all of us.  However, knowing when to make a change is tough for many people; especially when it concerns your job. The New York Times […]