A Dozen Facts About The Number Twelve

What’s so special about the number 12? Everything from English language pronunciation, to Greek mythology and moonwalks, this number continues to intrigue and play an interesting role in our lives….daily. 1.  The number 12 is the longest single syllable number in the English language. Say T-W-E-L-V-E…. 2.  In soccer, football and rugby, #12 is the symbolic reference to fans as the “12th” player due to their support of the eleven players on the field. In Texas, A&M actually reserves the #12 jersey for a walk-on player who represents the “12th Man”, a fan who was asked to play when the team’s reserves were low in 1922. 3.  #12 jersey has been worn and retired in honor of some of the greatest professional baseball, football, and hockey players to date: Joe Namath, Jim Kelly, Terry Bradshaw, Farmer Wade Boggs, Roberto Alomar, Bob Griese, John Brodie, Roger Staubach, Maurice Stokes, Dick Barnett, John Stockton, Sid Abel, Yvan Cournoyer, Dickie Moore, and Stan Smyl. 4.  Greek mythology has it that 12 Olympians are the principal deities of the Greek pantheon. 5.  Hercules, the Greek mythological hero, was given 12 impossible tasks to complete.
6. Christmas is celebrated across 12 days beginning Christmas Day. 7.  In court although at the beginning of a criminal trial 14 jurors are chosen, by the end of the trial two of them are excused leaving 12 jurors as only 12 can sit and deliberate to come to a verdict.. 8.  The human body has 12 pairs of ribs, 12 pairs of cranial nerves, and the average man has 12 pints of blood (women have 9). 9.  12 men have walked on the moon to date. 10.  Ancient Indian astronomers divided time into 12 periods between sunrise and sunset. The choice of 12 is attributed to the 12 lunar cycles in a year. 11.  12 months make a year, 12 inches make a foot, 12 face cards in a deck of playing cards. 12. Mënaji Skincare is celebrating 12 Days of Skincare during the 12th month of the 12th year in the 21st century.