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Twelve Days Since 12/12/12 – A Dozen Facts about the Number 12

What’s so special about the number 12? Everything from English language pronunciation, to Greek mythology and moonwalks, this number continues to intrigue and play an interesting role in our lives….daily. 1.  The number 12 is the longest single syllable number in the English language. Say T-W-E-L-V-E…. 2.  In soccer, football and rugby, #12 is the symbolic reference […]

And the Heisman Goes To…

This past Sunday marked a historic play in American football as the game’s most prestigious collegiate award, the Heisman Memorial Trophy, was awarded to a Freshman player for the very first time.    Johnny Manziel, also known as Johnny Football from Texas A&M, became the trophy’s 78th award winner. In honor of Manziel’s historic moment we […]

‘Tis the Season – Do You Know Your Perfect Holiday Drink?

December is upon us and this means it’s time to mix it up, your holiday cocktail that is!  Whether you are out with friends or grabbing a drink with a colleague we have the cocktails you want to be seen drinking. The Meat Bucket – this rugged drink is a great mix of bacon-infused Rye […]