Surviving Thanksgiving Travel

Do you hate long lines, are you sure you‘ll never see your bag again or hate sitting next to people traveling in full sweat suits? Mënaji has put together our 5 must important tips for surviving the airport during Thanksgiving. 1. Read the TSA Rules! Before you leave for the airport – Don’t make the mistake of thinking you know – you might end up having to throw something important out, like some of your Menaji skincare! 2. Download the App for your airline. Having your ticket on your smartphone will take the juggling act of a ticket away. You will be able to check in early (remember – an aisle seat for most of us is key!), and unlike online you won’t have to worry about printing your boarding pass. You can walk right up to the security gate and show your phone – no fuss, no hassle. 3. Wear slip on shoes – no not slippers, and remove your belt!! People are continually struggling to remove their shoes and once they’re off, they forget that they have a belt on, don’t be “That Guy”. There is nothing worse than watching the person in front of you going back and forth through the metal detector only to realize on the third try that they still have their belt on. Then, you think you are free to go, but that same person is now struggling to put their shoes back on while balancing their luggage. Be efficient, wear something that doesn’t require you to bend over, and/or tie! 4. Carry your luggage on. There is a true science to this. Don’t try to bring a checked sized bag on the plane – everyone will hate you! Pack one or two pairs pants with a bunch of different shirts – one nice outfit is all you really need. Remember you can mix and match, and maybe do laundry at your destination. Carrying on, will relieve you of the stress of finding your bag after you land. If you do have to check – throw up your hands and pray, it’s only dumb luck if it actually reaches the correct final destination. 5. Bring lip balm, Purell, and face wash Keep it in your backpack or briefcase and buy a bottle of water before you board. The air in the plane is very stale and dry. Water will keep your entire body feeling hydrated and the lip balm will help to remove that sense of dehydration. While on the plane, Purell your hands to keep germs at bay. And, lastly, once you have departed the plane, make a quick stop in the restroom and with some cool water, wash your face. You will be amazed at how clean and restored you feel, leaving you more prepared to face all of those relatives!