MËNAJI Men Are Not Afraid of Pink

It’s football season in the US and some may have noticed all the pink that has adorned our professional teams since October 1st. The influx of pink has nothing to do with increasing women viewership, but a tribute to breast cancer awareness month. Now you ask why would men and men’s athletics truly care about supporting breast cancer awareness month? Yes, breast cancer has effected many people’s grandmothers, mothers, sisters and daughters, and because of this, it is mainly seen as a women’s issue. Did you know that breast cancer affects men too? The number is smaller, most likely due to the smaller amount of breast tissue, but in every 100 new breast cancers cases 1 male will be diagnosed. Male breast cancer is just as curable as the cancer found in women; unfortunately, most males get diagnosed late due to lack of suspicion, making it seem more severe. Just as in women, the sooner a diagnosis is made the higher the cure rate. So get out and get checked! Here at Menaji we are proud to wear pink in October and throughout the year! (To learn more about going pink and NFL’s “Crucial Catch” visit www.nfl.com/pink)