The Asset Guide: 5 Items Every Man Should Purchase

Every man should own a few select items that he can consider an “asset.” Something that he has spent a little more money on and can use with pride knowing it will stand the test of time at least for a few years. So we at Menaji have drafted up a guide of 5 items that we believe every man should purchase once they have a little disposable income to treat themselves with: So without further ado here is Menaji’s 2012 Men’s Essential Asset Guide:
  1. Full Size Bed or Larger: It is time to move on from that twin bed you have had since you were an adolescent.  Every grown man should have his own full size bed or larger. One of the best feelings in the world is lying down in bed after a long day’s work, so why should you settle on something that can barely fit your manly figure. Be bold and take your life by the reigns, come into adulthood and enjoy the perks of a bigger bed. It is your rite of passage.
  2. Matching Luggage Sets: Every man should have at least two pieces of matching luggage. We are grown men with disposable income; no longer should we use the duffle bag we have used since our days at summer camp. You do not have to have the gaudy LV’s all over your bags to make a statement. There are plenty of quality products out there that will get the job done and have you traveling with pride.
  3. Flat-Screen Television: It is 2012 and finding an affordable quality television is easier than finding an affordable quality anything. For a couple hundred dollars, you can find serviceable equipment that will not leave you in the stone-age. Be the man your friends want to call up when it is time to watch the big game.
  4. Tablet:  Again we are in age where affordable meets quality and most people are shifting away from the personal computer in favor of the tablet. Advances in technology have driven the prices down and newer generations/models come out yearly. From iPads to Galaxy Notes, the amount of toys man has to play with are growing by the second. Do not be that guy who pulls out his bulky laptop on the bus or plane. Do not be THAT GUY…
  5. Smartphone: The mercurial smartphone has taken over the hands of millions, and if you are not one of them I am sure you have been made the butt of plenty of jokes regarding your cellular device. With the endless options in all price ranges, it has become another affordable technology that one would be remise to not take advantage of. I have owned one for the better part of six years and I have never looked back.
Now practicing smart consumer behavior is the best mode of action for any “expensive” purchase. Use your judgment, research your options and find what suits you. And as always, do not make a decision unless you are comfortable with it! Until next time, adios Gents!