Hello World: A Male Grooming Introductory Tale

Greetings readers, I am going to keep this introduction short and sweet. My name and professional credentials are unimportant, my socioeconomic background is irrelevant…but I will share a few things about myself that I believe are necessary to paint the picture behind the voice of this blog. I am a twenty something male living in a major metropolitan area, I enjoy going out and exploring new and exciting opportunities. I indulge in shopping excursions and grooming rituals that may not be the most traditional for the common man. I understand the necessary means to an end to get to that point and I rarely take my personal appearance for granted. I have a stable group of friends, each with their own particular styles and methods of personal grooming.  The city is our oyster and there is nothing holding us back from getting the most out of our youth.  Those are the basics; take with it what you will. Now that we have a basis for who I am, I would like to speak to a few of my beliefs.  Wherever you are, in whatever lifestyle, perception is STILL reality and people often judge a book by its cover regardless of what we were taught as toddlers.  My fellow man should no longer be ashamed to spend 10 minutes in front of the mirror or have to worry about being too “feminine” for trying out a couple of outfits before finding the right one. It is a necessary evil that should never go over looked, especially in this day and age. From living in a small town of a few thousand to living in a city that has more people than some countries, I have experienced quite the cornucopia of characters and styles. One life lesson that I have carried through these experiences is that  good taste transcends all borders. There is no one right way to dress or groom, but there are definitely wrong ways. Men, I ask you to look in the mirror and ask yourself: “Am I getting the most out of what I have been given?” And the answer is probably no. So I say to you, take back the mirror, take back the medicine cabinet and take back the closet: “I am a confident man and I take what’s mine!”