Thank you Mënaji Skincare for helping me feel confident on my return to civilian life. I can see so much improvement in my skin. The transition coming home is always difficult, but you made it so much easier because I look good and feel good about myself. I couldn't have done it without you. You're the best!

soldier   Paul Larsen, Operations Action Officer

Mënaji Skincare is the first and only line for men that we are confident introducing to our male clients.

   - Valeria White / Manager, Warren Tricomo Salons NYC

Most would take one look at me and say, You don't have a skin problem,’ but I'm a perfectionist and enjoy being just that perfect. I hate being male and having to contend with what society deems as being an only girly problem. Not until I found your line have I felt confident with wearing products. Thank you.

   - Vince Saladino, New York

I used Mënaji HD Powder on a male client for television and it blended so smoothly onto the skin, it was undetectable. I use it on all my shoots and it looks so fantastic on camera.

   - Laura / The Bathroom NYC

I just read about you in the San Francisco Chronicle. All I can say is, it's about time. Sick of having to only wear women's products, and I'm so happy to be a Mënaji man.

   - Bernard Burns, San Francisco

I started buying Mënaji skincare over a year ago and have been hugely impressed with the product. Reading about you everywhere so kudos to you. It's about time someone developed a superior skincare line for guys.

   - Kenneth Zachmann, New York

Throughout years of trying different products for men's skin, Menaji has become my hero. My guys feel like they're really not even wearing anything, and they can walk off the set to the street and no one knows they're wearing anything. Thank you HDPV!

   - Melissa Schleicher / Celebrity Makeup Artist

I feel naked without the Mënaji lip balm in my pocket.

   - Coke Sams, Writer/Director

As a PR agent, I've seen so much bad makeup in my day. I can't tell you how exciting it is to introduce something that not only is HD friendly, but is truly is undetectable. Thanks for making my life so much easier.

   - Tom Tanno, Los Angeles

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