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  • "Summer could not have come quick enough. A tiny amount of your new Sunless Tan and my skin looked like the middle of August. And much safer too. Thanks again for another great male essential."

    — Colin Cowie

  • "I'm a serious business man and looking healthy is important to me. I love this natural tan look. I feel like I played 9 holes of golf without damaging my skin."

    — Jeff Lederer, Private Investigator - Fifth Ave. NYC

  • "Finally, a warm tan tone that is pure magic on camera. My clients love how light and natural it is."

    — Kathy Pomerantz, Lead Makeup Artist for Current TV, NYC


Introducing Tan... our new Sunless Anti-Shine

Bronze up and look like you're just back from vacation. This undetectable, easy-to-use product will give you a summer glow without the sun damage.

  • Natural and vitamin based, Sunless Tan is essential for a healthy look.
  • All-day formula ensures you look great anytime, anywhere with no damage to your skin.
  • Sunless Tan should be the last product you apply before walking out the door.


How to Apply

Use our new Mënaji Kabuki powder brush or, for more complete coverage, apply with anti-shine sponge.

  • Glide brush across Sunless Tan OR sparingly apply to sponge and tap off excess powder.  
  • Lightly dust product across forehead, nose and cheek area.
  • Apply where the sun would  naturally hit for a healthy, sun-touched finish. (Specifically apply along the cheekbone and jawline to ensure a blended natural look).

HDPV Sunless Tan

sunless tan with brush

Pricing: US $35

10g anti-shine powder

Mënaji Kabuki Brush

menaji kabuki brush2Our high-grade, natural brown goat hair Kabuki brush ensures effortless, undetectable application.

Highly durable with a matte black handle, this brush makes using Sunless Tan as easy as a day at the beach!

Pricing: US $21

CAMO Concealer


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  • camo_light_60
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  • camo_bronze_60

Pricing: US $26

0.35 oz/9.9g

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