April 18, 2011

Fashion Forwards

Nashville men have created a look that's all their own. So what's next?

It's no secret that Nashville's fashion sense is heavily influenced by the music industry. Casual yet fashion-forward, the no-stress dress code is our city's calling card—especially for men. "Nashville is the most casual of the entertainment centers," say's Coke Sams, filmaker and a partner in the Nasheville-based production company RukusFilm. "It's closer to Austin than New York or L.A. in what counts as style. We're easygoing and as eccentric as hell. Here you can be comfortable wearing almost anything and people will accept it as stylish."



April 18, 2011

Southern Living — Men, Michele, and Mënaji

southern_living_coverMen's faces are looking a lot better. Thank Michelle Probst and her Mënaji

First, you notice her face, Michele Probst is a beautiful woman, who says the natural makeup she wears helps. It doesn't matter that they're products she's made for men. "I use all my products," the makeup artist says in her company headquarters in West Nashville. "Women don't care what we put on our faces if it makes us look good."



April 14, 2011

Time Magazine — BEAUTY: "I Feel Pretty"

TIME mag cover Sept 2010

More men are buying are buying foundation, concealer and eye gel-as long as they don't have to call it makeup

The first piece of journalistic advice I received from the man who is now the editor of this magazine was, "Always take the makeup." So every time I go on TV and the producers offer makeup, I tell them to spackle it on thick. But I never thought about wearing the stuff off camera.



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