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Man-Tastic: Menaji Skincare

So ladies, I think I've created a monster. Once upon a time, "the man" used a regular old bar of soap, whatever lotion was within arms reach, and some anti-perspirant but now he wants a body wash with a "masculine" scent and "scrubbies", his words. A lip balm that "moisturizes and softens", again - his words.

His latest find (actually my latest find for him so he doesn't use up my stuff) is Menaji Skincare. His favorite item from the line is the Lip Agent Lip Balm. I like it too since it keeps his lips soft, moisturized, and kissable but more importantly because he has his own lip balm so he doesn't have to steal mine!  
Product Description: An enriched natural lip balm with SPF 15, protects, soothes and nourishes lips all day long. This daily formula with vitamin e, sunflower oil, macadamia oil and jojoba oil is easy to use, and great for outdoor activities or anytime lips are dry and need conditioning.


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