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Mënaji Skincare for Men



Mënaji Skincare for Men

I have to admit I was blessed with good skin. I never had acne and even the chicken pox showed me mercy. As I got older lotion alone wasn’t cutting it anymore. Working long hours, little sleep, effects of the sun(I love the beach) and aging take toll on the skin. I like my skin smooth so I aim to take care of it. Recently I gave Mënaji Skincare a try in my rotation of shower gels and scrubs. I have never been dedicated to one brand in particular until now.


I use the Mënaji face and body scrub. This scrub exfoliates away dead skin and deep cleans. Not too sensitive like Dove bars and not overbearing either. Just because I’m a man doesn’t mean I want to bath in broken glass bits. Mënaji’s formula is just right. I can feel it working. The scrub contains ginseng, sea kelp, aloe vera, organic lime peel juice & more vitamins and botanicals. The face scrub works excellent cleaning pores around nose and forehead where a lot of oil builds up. The face & body scrub have a pleasant masculine smell of citrus and sea kelp. This is great because I feel fresh and if I choose to put on cologne the Mënaji does not interfere.

The Mënaji Deep Cleansing Masque is to be used 1-2 times per week. No need to walk around wearing this for hours with cucumbers on your eyes. Don’t overdo it. I am constantly outdoors in the sun. If you’re in an office all day you may only need this once a week. I have been using this for only 2 weeks and my skin feels great. When your skin feels good you smile. Natural ingredients play a major part in the results. I also have the Mënaji anti-shine face powder which comes in like a Mac make up case with mirror. I didn’t think I would have use for this, but I was in a friend’s wedding and snuck some of this on for the pictures as I heard it was its popular use. I like it for its SPF sunshine uv protection.

I have the aftershave, but since I only shave my beard once a year the Mënaji Aftershave will be a part of my annual ritual from now on. Besides Mënaji being a great product they also have character. Each order is shipped carefully packaged in cigar boxes. I received my shipment in not just any cigar box but a premium cigar box. This is a great idea recycling these boxes which are usually handmade and used only once. That really caught my attention with me being a cigar smoker. Try Mënaji for yourself. I just returned from vacation in Miami and I took my Mënaji with me. That’s how I know it’s good. The complimentary stuff in a 4star hotel can’t compare. Take care of yourself for the one who love you. LUXE.


Mënaji Skincare for Men, “Look Good + Feel Good = Confidence = Success”
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