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We here at L4H know just how hard it is to really decipher what exactly those ingredients are in your favorite skincare products. What are they there for? What exactly are they doing for me? Are they harmful?

With the trend in modern skincare rapidly leaning towards "natural", "organic" and "botanical based", most consumers are seeking products that fall into this category. Yet the likelihood that one is being properly educated on what is truly good for you and your skin, is slim. With no regulation out there on what "natural" really means, or what qualifies a brand to call themselves that, we are left lost amongst the pile of information we are fed. Along the same lines, "natural" doesn't always mean effective. We believe that companies, who take the responsible path of combining the effectiveness of smart science with the healing benefits of nature, are the true leaders in this industry. Allow us to introduce Mënaji, Skincare for Men.

A line of skin health products, and smart cosmetics for today's modern man. A truly effective, yet simplistic line that meets the demanding needs of customers, while rooting themselves in nature's science. The founder, Michele Probst, spent years as a celebrity make-up artist. After seeing her clients skin assaulted by harsh products, heavy make-up and environmental stresses, she made it her mission to create a line of skincare and cosmetics, geared towards the growing needs of men. Highly effective, truly natural and completely undetectable, we think Mënaji Skincare is a brand to follow. We recently had the chance to speak with Michele, and she provided us with some key insights on her products, the brand and the future of men's skin care. Enjoy the interview, then browse our full selection of Mënaji products. We know you will love them...we do!



Winter is almost over, but the cold weather we are leaving behind has left our skin dry, itchy and like most of us, chronically dehydrated. It is so imperative that you do one thing, and do it often: HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! Internally, of course, nothing beats good ol' H20 for its superb hydrating effect. Externally, you all should know moisturizing is NOT just for women. Sure you may occasionally rub any bottle of lotion you may find in the bathroom all over your face, but the truth is men's skin is inherently different than woman's, and any product won't cut it. Your skin is physiologically complex, and you must use products that work to support that. During winter we were exposed to forced heating systems, indirect sun exposure, excessive washing and wind, that all literally suck the vital and all important water from our skin. There is one simple solution, and that is to give your skin the big drink of MOISTURE it needs all the time. Sounds simple enough, but what EXACTLY do you need?

Try to avoid all the generic branded over the counter products that truly won't do your skin any good. And start reading labels! Scan your ingredients lists on your moisturizers and look for things like skin lipids, ceramides and the ever popular Hyaluronic Acid, a
super hydrating molecule that has the ability to attract 1000 times it's weight in water!
All these are incredibly compatible with the skin, in fact they are even naturally present, just not in the amounts we need to be in balance. Once you have your ideal moisturizer of choice, use it. Faithfully. Morning and night. After cleansing of course. And the skin winter left you with, will never stand a chance at going thirsty again.



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