Nelly Celebrates His B-Day; His Lips Haven't Aged a Bit



Manly Man: Nelly Celebrates His

B-Day & His Lips Haven't Aged a


by Tracey Brown

Manly man Nellypartied like a rock rap star as he celebrated his birthday with sexy swagger at Vanquish in Atlanta, Georgia.  

BET and Centric Executives, Stephen Hill (BET) and Kenard Gibbs (CEO, Soul Train) and other celebs enjoyed a night in Nellyville where no doubt it was getting "Hot in There."

With more ice-ice-baby in his ears than Oprah, Nelly and crew (T.I., Rico Love, Lance Gross and Just Blaze, among others) followed one basic rule of anti-aging skin care—wear dark glasses.


Years ago Nelly boasted of keeping a makeup artist on the payroll just to apply his lip balm.  Clearly Nelly still has a very talented makeup artist on the payroll…


So, for the man that has everything, there is no need to break into your piggy bank to give him something special.  Let him know how luscious his lips are with a small token of appreciation for every lip-lock he lays on you.   

Top 5 Manly Man Lip Balms:


1.  Mënaji Lip Balm Agent $7.50





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