A Grooms Guide to Flawless Skin
Colin Cowie


A Grooms Guide to Flawless Skin

It's not just the bride who wants to look fabulous at the altar, men are just as concerned about being camera ready and flawless up close, although much more reticent to admit it. But guys have their beauty issues, too. How do you hide those dark circles under your eyes or combat razor rash? What can you do to get rid of that nasty zit that's popped up overnight? How do you punch up your color without looking fake?

Makeup artist to the stars, Michele Probst has the answers to your questions. Probst developed Mënaji, a skin care and makeup line just for men. (Okay, I know makeup for men may not be in your comfort zone…but hey, hear me out.) After spending 20-plus years tending to high-profile celebrities that needed to look their best in the spotlight and under pressure, from President Obama to Kid Rock, Probst decided to take her expertise to the streets and make her products available to every man who wants to look great whatever the occasion.

I began using it for television appearances and was instantly impressed because I didn't feel made-up or that I was wearing cosmetics. It's easy to apply, matte and totally undetectable. And the concealer stick under the eyes is miraculous with a hangover.

Mënaji's star product, Camo Concealer, is virtually undetectable on the skin; even your bride won't know it's there. It will discreetly hide your facial imperfections and make you look like the handsome devil you are, just a little more rested and a little more well-groomed. It comes in three skin tones and goes on easily. The stick looks like any old lip balm and not some girlie cosmetic product. Very man-friendly.

When you step into the spotlight for your wedding day you'll want to look good and be confident. So go ahead, show the world (and your bride) your best face. Your secret is safe with me.

As always...more to come!


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