Pamela Viglielmo Changemaker in Men's Global Grooming

Pamela Viglielmo, COO of Mënaji Worldwide was interviewed by LIVID magazine. A changemaker in the world of beauty, Pamela shared her inspiration behind becoming a leading player in the men's grooming industry, as well as her ideas on innovative men's skincare and cosmetic solutions, and her admiration for iconic changemakers such as Coco Channel, the founder of SEPHORA and others. The interview by Keisha McCotry, Beauty & Travel Writer, provided a window into the day in the life of a Top Beauty Professional.

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Mënaji Men's Skincare "Borrowed" By Ladies

The current issue of New You magazine, featuring cover girl Paris Hilton, asks "Ladies, ever been tempted to steal a swipe of your man's grooming products? You're hardly alone."

Mënaji 911 Eye Gel is a featured item in Borrow This or Steal That.

"It's a growing trend. Men's grooming products, often made with the same quality ingredients as women's, are being permanently adopted by girlfriends, wives, and siblings in bathrooms across America. And since they come with fewer bells and whistles in terms of packaging and marketing, they often afford a lower price point, too."

Read the full article by New You: The Voice of Health and Beauty.

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Mënaji is a Must-Have for Skincare and Spa Professionals

Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa, the leading magazine for the industry, features CAMO and HDPV Anti-Shine Powder in its list of Artists' Essentials. Mënaji is the only brand chosen for men! Developed by a professional make-up artist, Mënaji is used by actors, models, business executives and men who simply want to look their best. CAMO is the world’s first concealing agent designed for men. HDPV was created for media professionals. Now their secret can be yours too.
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Women Love Mënaji for Their Men and for Themselves

Mënaji featured in "Looking for Cheaper Skin-Care Products? Borrow From the Men" from the New York Times Fashion & Style section:

NYT BorrowFromtheMenA couple of decades ago, when the notion of men's eye cream or facial scrub seemed far-fetched, many men were reduced to borrowing products from their wives or girlfriends or, worse, approaching a pink-smocked salesclerk at a cosmetic counter.

But now the shoe increasingly is on the other well-pumiced foot: Women are stealing from men. The way products are formulated for men (with moisturizers, for example, forgoing floral or fruity fragrances and being less greasy) appeals to many women, too. And men's products often cost considerably less....

About four years ago, Jean Kelly, a freelance television commercial producer in Fairfield, Conn., bought two products from the men's brand Mënaji for her husband, Will, to combat undereye puffiness and dark circles. Soon after she bought the 911 Eye Gel and the Urban Camo concealer stick, she began using them herself.

"It's thinner and not quite as heavy, and must make men feel like it's less like makeup and more like putting on lotion," Ms. Kelly said. "I've never been a heavy makeup user, and this is light, easy to use and it works."

Michele Probst, who introduced Mënaji 15 years ago, said the eye gel is the most popular product among women, who constitute about half its users.

"If it works, women are going to buy it, whether it's made for men or made for animals, like the horse mane shampoo," said Ms. Probst, referring to equine shampoos like Mane 'n Tail that grew popular among women in the 1990s.

Read the article in the New York Times.


Mënaji Nominated As a Men's Style and Wardrobe Staple

BOAT International magazine features Menaji CAMO Concealer in its March issue: “On the big night this nifty little stick will help disguise the effects of blemishes, dark eyes and high living – and it was originally developed for actors.” Read the article.


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