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Men’s Grooming Essentials – Starter Set

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Introducing a newly curated skincare set for men that takes the guesswork out of which grooming essentials you will need for your 2017 skincare regimens.


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The Men’s Grooming Essentials Starter Set is curated based on customer demands for the best products to begin a daily skincare regimen, and suggestions for additional products whose benefits are layered with each daily use. This comprehensive kit is good for an invigorating cleanse, exfoliation, shave prep, wet or dry shaving, preventing ingrown hairs, toning, moisturizing, anti-aging, fine lines, cracked lips, breakouts, and spot coverage.

This set includes:

  • Anti-Aging Eraser
  • Power Hydrator
  • Urban Camouflage
  • Face & Body Scrub
  • Lip Agent
  • ClearShave

Light, Medium, Bronze


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