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Men’s Makeup Starter Kit


Makeup for Men 101

The Men's Makeup Starter Kit IS Makeup for Men 101. It includes the two most iconic MËNAJI products that have been best-selling corrective cosmetics for years: Urban Camouflage®, an organic concealer that is virtually undetectable and the original HDPV Anti-Shine Powder.

  • Urban Camouflage® – Spot coverage for breakouts, redness, scars, and dark circles under eyes.
  • HDPV Anti-Shine – Natural-looking formula made to blot and block shine from the face, forehead, chin. HDPV Anti-Shine deals with the excess oil production on male skin. Created to attain a neutral and even skin tone HDPV covers blemishes, fine lines and discoloration.

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The Men’s Makeup Starter Kit comes in a small, black bag made from water- and stain-resistant ballistic nylon ready to toss into a Dopp Kit or suitcase. Each bag is smartly finished with MENAJI branded pull tags, and measures 9cm x 5cm x 9cm. Our makeup for men collection takes the difficulty and embarrassment out of finding products to cover up blemishes and control shine. Non-makeup-y, virtually undetectable, natural-looking products for everyday use.

How To Apply Your CAMO & HDPV

CAMO Concealer

Light, Medium, Sand, Olive, Bronze, Deep

HDPV Anti-Shine Powder

Light, Medium, Bronze, Dark


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