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Male-Specific #NYFW:MENS Lures Pioneer Mens Cosmetic Brand to Step into the Limelight for Loris DIRAN at the HG CONTEMPORARY Gallery in Manhattan and More…

MENAJI Advanced Men’s Skincare, the first brand to create fast-acting corrective skincare and HD cosmetics for men, returned to New York Fashion Week (NYFW) this year supporting several designers during New York Fashion Week: Men’s (NYFW: MENS) held July 11 – 14. This global event proved to be the perfect venue to promote MENAJI, rounding out the theme of all-male models, fashion and grooming.

Pamela Viglielmo, President of MENAJI, said that for years, many women’s makeup brands with deeper pockets have dominated the NYFW space due to sponsorship demands and makeup artists who had more expertise with those products. Finally the men’s category is as important as the women’s.

However when the Council of Fashion Designers of America launched NYFW: MENS, a standalone showcase for American men’s fashion in 2015, they may not have anticipated the shift by some designers to use male-only cosmetics. A report by Mashable also quoted a study by Euromonitor that shows men’s grooming in the U.S. is estimated to become a $6.5 billion industry in less than two years.

Expert makeup artists, too, who had experience or wanted experience using men’s cosmetics lines flocked in to create neutral, natural-looking lightly-enhanced visages on the models for SS17 styles. Male attendees, too, aware of the trend were either using some form of cosmetics or interested in learning how.

“We participated in NYFW a few years back before NYFW:MENS became official. But this year it is much different” said Viglielmo.  “There’s a dedicated time and space set aside for men now – NYFW:MENS. We’re honored and privileged to have worked with some of the hippest designers through some of the most knowledgeable makeup artists.  We welcomed multiple requests through Instagram and Facebook for product and demos for the shows and supported three designers!”

This year, MENAJI was selected for the perfect assortment of products, for the full look for established Loris DIRAN’s SS17 show at the HG Contemporary Gallery. Loris Diran is an award-winning, New York-based, Armenian-American designer who has worked for such super houses as CHANEL and VERSACE. Through the expertise of a talented team of makeup artists familiar with MENAJI, led by Lucie Nguyen, the collection shone exuberantly.

Loris DIRAN, who needed a sun-kissed glow, was very pleased with MENAJI’s effortless enhancement, said his collection was not about color, but instead the subtraction of color.

“(In my collection for SS17) Fabrics are meant to be sun-bleached and of the palest tones with just a splash of foliage green. Joined with the black and bone grouping, it creates a story of textures and rustic detail, reminiscent of traditional South American style. Proportions are a juxtaposition of elongated shirts and jackets, with shorter, shrunken pant lengths, all to convey a romantic vision for Summer 2017,” said DIRAN.

“NYFW:MENS was the perfect showcase for MENAJI which simply enhances a natural look,” Viglielmo said.

MENAJI also contributed to designer Orlebar Brown’s “Swimming in the Sky” presentation of luxury resort and swimwear, as well as supported emerging designer Corey Woods on his premiere launch of “The Irvington Collection” Yerise by Yeroc & Co. Woods has an existing line of luxury eyewear, YERISE: The Eyefull Tower Collection SS17.


A recent men’s lifestyle article listed Easy Steps to Ensure You Make a Great First Impression. Yup, they’re real simple and guess what tops the list at #1? Yup, again — Good Grooming.

So, here’s what you need to know to kick off 2016 and guarantee you’ll be remembered for only the good stuff…

A new year is exciting and inspiring! Always make a great impression. Here are…


  1. Commit to Good Hygiene and GroomingMËNAJI Advanced Men’s Skincare line has ​your ​skincare essentials.
  2. Don’t Compromise on Buying What Fits – If it’s too big or too small, it shows. Always wear tailored clothing. ​If you can, have pieces made for you! ​We like J. Hilburn, luxury menswear that offers custom shirts and pants. GO TO:
  3. Invest in Dry Cleaning – Have your clothes professionally cleaned and keep them always looking great.
  4. Switch to V-Neck Undershirts – With an undershirt you won’t have perspiration stains. And a V-neck undershirt won’t show when you’ve loosened your tie. You can keep it simple like Fruit of the Loom or Jockey, or go for luxury men​’​s undershirts like those from MeUndies a monthly T-shirt club. GO TO:
  5. Wear a Watch – It doesn’t have to be expensive, just choose one that reflects your personality and fits you and your lifestyle. ​Guys always look smarter with a watch!​
  6. Take Care of Your Shoes – Real simple; in minutes you can get a professional shine, and maybe even sit next to someone famous at a trendy men’s shoe-shine location!
  7. Tie Your Tie Correctly – Ask at a good men’s store for a refresher course if needed.
  8. Splurge on Designer Socks – Designer men’s socks are trending; there are sooooo many to choose from. Here’s one of our favorite men’s luxury sock designers — Vivek Nagrani. GO TO:
  9. Change Your Glasses – Yes, mix it up a bit. Today there are many places to choose new specs. It’s a new year, have a new look that updates your style. Vintage-inspired men’s eyewear, or prescription eyeglasses you can order online easily. GO TO:

V is for V-Neck

For years men have always had their “go to” styles for cocktail attire. For whatever the occasion may be, the button down oxford shirt has been the staple for millions over centuries and continents. Only until recently has there been a new player in the game from a veteran in the fashion world; the v-neck. Now I’m not saying that it is time for the oxford to hang up its cleats and get out of the game, not by any means, my words here are to educate those who have yet to catch up to the ever growing trend of the v-neck and its oft misunderstood brother the “Deep V.”

Once considered a great alternative to the crew neck undershirt, the v-neck has emerged as the number 1 option for many in terms of socially acceptable going out apparel. Many of the early adopters are not shy to sport a myriad of colors ranging from the traditional black & white all the way to the Neon pinks and greens. The mainstream has brought the v-neck to another level with graphics, pockets, ripped collars, long sleeves, short sleeves, etc…the list goes on. So much has gone into the evolution of the v-neck that is hard to say what style is right for whom. Everyone’s body type is different and no one brand makes the same v-neck as the neck. One has to be comfortable in their own skin and furthermore one has to look good.

So where does one start when looking for the right v-neck for them? Well here’s a start:

  1. Know your scene: If your scene is one that doesn’t quite go for the gaudy hipster/street fashion of graphic tees with embellishments and outlandish caricatures, then go with a simple solid color that is conservative yet still chique. Stick the basic dark colors of black, navy, even heathered primary colors. These will allow you to stay stylish and get noticed.
  2. Add a twist: If you’re not comfortable going out in just a v-neck thinking you are too dressed down for the event you are going to. Add a blazer to your outfit to add a more formal tone to a generally more casual look. Tuck in your v-neck and wear a stylish belt. These little additions will enhance your outfit and give it the added twist you need to “class” up your outfit.
  3. Don’t be afraid of the deep V:  If you have the right mix of body hair and muscles, the deep V may be for you. Your pectorals are your assets and you worked hard for these results, why not show them off? Give them some air and let them be showcased. Your manliness will never be put into question and your confidence will only go up with the compliments. Now I personally cannot rock the deep V and I cannot say that is my personal style, but I respect those who wear it with pride and salute the men who make it work.

There you have it, the age of the V-neck is upon us… until next time gents!

The Confident Man Blog

Yesterday I sat in Madison Square Park during evening rush hour. I took part in the ever-celebrated art of people watching, in search of the different styles and portrayals of what I would consider the confident, modern, metro male. I saw it all; the young professionals with their wool three-piece suits and silk accouterments, the hipsters with their 50/50 poly cotton blend garbs, the Grunge, the Goth and the fanny pack laden tourists. While I’d like to think that the majority of these men have chosen their own style in these daily uniforms, the stark truth is that the majority of them are living by the rules their particular sect in society has set for them. Few choose to break the mold and test the accepted norms in search of something exceptional.

We live in a judgment laden society that tells man that he should not dress a certain way, wear a certain color, or even take part in a certain act or use a certain product because that is not what  “men” do. It’s an ignorant picture that has been reinforced by decades of rudimentary grooming techniques and style practices as well as stigmas that particular attributes are “gay” or “feminine.” “Men” shave once a week, they don’t use cologne, they wear straight leg Levi’s without any particular wash. He is blue collar and works too hard to tend to himself materialistically; he is praised for being this portrait of hard work and rugged antiquity.  While there is nothing wrong with this “man,” the fact remains that it’s 2012, not 1957. It’s not all doom and gloom for the confident, modern, metro male. However, society is moving in the right direction to acceptance. Only in the last decade or so has it become acceptable for men to wear pink, purple, yellow, and other pastel colors outside of the “preppy” style. Millions of men daily take part in grooming rituals that rival that of the fairer sex and the art of “manscaping” is becoming a commonly accepted practice for young professionals and hipsters the like. I could list off more examples, but that would just beat a dead horse. The point is that the “manly” man needs to shed off their layers of blind hubris and get comfortable with their own skin.

It is 2012, dirty is no longer sexy. A little scruff is good, but people fear the beard for a reason. No man is going to say no to a complimentary mani/pedi (I know because I polled a few of these park patrons and there was an over whelming sentiment of “why not”) The sheer fact is curiosity drives many of these converters more than anything else, we try something, we like it, we continue to do it.  I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that I was adamantly against skinny/slim fit jeans until I actually put on a pair and loved what I saw. I am a confident, modern, metro male; I like trying new things and I have an open mind to any grooming technique that will allow me to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see. The old saying goes: “Looking good is feeling good,” and I feel great.  Judgment should no longer outweigh tolerance and even acceptance. The confident, modern, metro male is here and he does not look to be going away anytime soon.