NFL Veteran Christopher Houston Talks Grooming and Style Secrets with MËNAJI

This summer, MËNAJI had the privilege of sitting down with NFL veteran Chris Houston – former player for the Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons – as he exclusively revealed his favorite style shortcuts, secrets, and much more.

Q: How did you start your career in the NFL?
A: Coming out of the University of Arkansas I was blessed to be drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in 2007, and thereafter was honored to continue my career with the Detroit Lions and Carolina Panthers.

Q: What prompted you to leave pro football?
A:  I was always excited for the next chapter in my life as I was playing football. Finally, I came to a juncture where these other interests were calling me. So in 2015 I decided to leave pro football, and once again, God blessed me with open doors of opportunity to start pursuing these other interests. Through planning and preparation, I was able to enter into in the entertainment industry, the real estate business, as well as mentoring children.

Q:  So do you plan to “go home” so-to-speak? Where are you originally from?
A: Home for me is Austin, Texas so I will continue to plant my roots there as the city is rapidly expanding. In addition, as mentioned before, I have entered into real estate so both Austin and Atlanta are the two cities I am investing in and will travel between to start off.

Q: What are the other interests that prompted you to leave football?
A: Acting is a huge interest that prompted me to leave, because like football, it takes a lot of time, commitment, dedication and skill to be great. I already have an amazing acting coach and have been taking acting classes. This is allowing me to audition for major TV, Film, theater and web projects. Thus far I have worked on a project for Warner Brothers that I did for Spring Hill Entertainment, which is owned by LeBron James and Maverick Carter.

Q: How do you define your personal style?
A: That is a good question. It’s funny because I’ve been labeled a “pretty boy” by friends and family for my interest in fashion and style. But I consider myself to be a man with street style who is growing and is open to learning the various forms of fashion as I continue my journey in the entertainment industry- especially the business of fashion. Personally, I would define my style as relaxed, yet upscale. I also like styles that are sporty and when wearing suits, I like them to look laid-back. Grooming and accessories wise, I’ve never been into many products, but I do love to pamper myself and my mom.

Q: Which one of MENAJI products are you going to try?
A: I’m excited to try the Face & Body Scrub and ClearShave 3-in-1 Formula. I think that these products are a good start to keep my face fresh, especially now that I need to always be ready for that next acting opportunity or audition.

About Chris Houston
Chris Houston is a former American football cornerback who played in the National Football League (NFL). Houston played college football for the University of Arkansas, and was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the second round of the 2007 NFL Draft. Houston was also a member of the Detroit Lions and the Carolina Panthers. In 2015, Houston decided on early retirement from the is pro football career to pursue various entertainment and business endeavors. Currently, he is an actor, entering into fashion industry and is in the real estate business with current investments in Atlanta, GA and Austin, TX. Follow Houston on Instagram @_champ23 and for more information and booking contact

Carolina Panthers Cornerback Teddy Williams Talks Grooming With MENAJI

Athletes and Fashion go hand-in-hand. What pro athletes use and wear off the field is just as important as what they do on the field. In fact now athletes lead the men’s grooming industry by way of influencing those who love to watch them play. Some experts say it is because athlete’s skin needs more serious care and hydration, others think that it’s because pro athletes are expected to look as good off the field as other celebrities. We tapped into the trend by catching up with  Carolina Panthers Cornerback Teddy Williams who tells us what he thinks.

Q.  What’s your biggest grooming splurge?
A. My biggest grooming splurge is on my facial care. I have a natural baby face since I can’t grow much facial hair so I take pride in having quality face wash and face lotion.

Q.  What’s your typical morning grooming routine?
A. On a daily I use a face wash and lotion. They work great for me. Every morning I rinse my face with warm water and apply the face wash. After massaging it onto my face I rinse it off and pat my face dry with a towel. Then I massage the face lotion on.

Q. When did you begin to use grooming products?
A.  I began using the face wash and lotion around 2 years ago when my wife introduced me to it. I have noticed a great change in my facial skin over that period of time.

Q.  What do you struggle with? (Dry skin? Ingrown hairs? Shine?)
A.  Occasionally I will struggle with ingrown hairs in my beard.

Q.  What do you think the best grooming tool every guy should have is?
A.  I think the best tool would be a good shaving utensil. But then you would have to back that with great face wash and lotion.

Q.  What first attracts you when looking for a new product (packaging, benefits, scent, ingredients)?
A.  I would say the benefits. Example: cleaning deep down in one’s pores, refreshing without over drying and fighting skin aging.

Q.  How often do you exfoliate?
A.  I usually exfoliate two times per week.

Q.  Are there any products you haven’t yet used that you think you will try in 2016?
A.  When it comes to my skin care I’m pretty set on the things I like but I’ve always been the type of person to give new products a try. You never know what’s new and how it could really benefit you.

Mënaji Supports MNF Charity Event Hosted by NY Giant Rashad Jennings

Mënaji Man Nick Slay and NY Giant Rashad Jennings

An elite, star-studded group of football fans and friends gathered to support the Rashad Jennings Foundation on Monday, October 5 at The Royal NYC and Mënaji Advanced Men’s Skincare was there to support. Hosted by Rashad Jennings in partnership with Label 55 and Fashion Stylist Megan Averbuch, the event was held to benefit his foundation. The star-studded event featured some of today’s present and past NFL players as well as other professional athletes and celebrities mingling with fashionistas, entertainers, and industry professionals. Revelers came to watch football, dance to the beats of DJ Auston Mills and to sample some of the trendy sports bar fare served up at The Royal.

Greeted instantly by paparazzi and enticed by the chance to win autographed jerseys, a full-throttle Mënaji grooming basket, luxury sneakers, sunglasses and more, fans flooded the hotel to “see and be seen,” participate in the silent auction and raffle, and enjoy an evening that all went to help educate, inspire and encourage youth everywhere through the Foundation’s three main initiatives: The RJF Reading Challenge, Mentorship and Camp 180.

Some of the event’s notable attendees included NY Giant Rashad Jennings himself, NY Giant Rueben Randle, NY Giant Andre Williams, NY Giant Jon Casillas, NY Giant Jonathan Hankins, NY Jet Jeff Cumberland, NY Knick Cleanthony Early, Former NY Jet Donald Strickland, Former NY Jet & Chicago Bear Steve Maneri, Former NY Jet Bobby Jackson, Former NY Jet Erik Coleman, Former Detroit Piston Mark Hughes, Recording Artist Driicky Graham, Recording Artist Xavier White, Hot 97’s DJ Relly Rell, Tracy G from Sway In The Morning and Actor Gbenga Akinnagbe.

The event was highly successful as the charity met its goal and generated more than $5,000 to benefit The Rashad Jennings Foundation.

“It’s great that athletes love our brand,” said Lederer, “but what’s more important is that we love our athletes back. These guys work so hard. They can count on us to be there to support the endeavors they truly cherish.”

Among the other premier brands supporting and sponsors were:, Rocksmith Clothing, BarnBurner, Schuyler 4 Showroom, Alberto Pants, Codice, Carl Gross, Haupt, Sisley, YEROC By Corey Woods, OneGround Footwear, Little Miracles Beverages, Lulu DK and TFHitting Room.

At Their Annual Client Retreat, DEC Management Clients Plan for Contract Negotiation and Looking Good with MENAJI

Eric "WeddlesBeard" Weddle of the NFL's San Diego Chargers sports MENAJI skincare at DEC Management Client retreat in Las Vegas
Eric “WeddlesBeard” Weddle of the NFL’s San Diego Chargers sports MENAJI skincare at DEC Management Client retreat in Las Vegas

NFL players are used to memorizing plays and strategy on the field, but off the field, their strategy is even more important to protect their personal brands. How they play their game and how they work their hustle off-field determines the longevity of their careers and the scope of their own personal brand for endorsements and careers which will bring in money long after knees and shoulders give out.

This year NFL clients of the DEC MANAGEMENT, convened in Las Vegas for a weekend-long conference of pampering and planning June 25-28. It is the 19th year in a row that agent David Canter brings his clients to Las Vegas to bond. The professional athletes attended an incredible line-up of exclusive events, including a dinner and tasting with renowned cognac brand, Louis XIII. Fashion Stylist Megan Averbuch, working with DEC to produce the event, unveiled a gallery of national brands for DEC clients to sample during the conference, including MENAJI Men’s Skincare, an NFL gifting favorite. MENAJI Marketing Executive Yvonne Lederer said working with Averbuch and DEC MANAGEMENT was a perfect fit.

“We know athletes are the toughest on their skin. Training and competing make your body look great, but it can tax your skin. Athletes need tips and tools on how to get a glowing complexion off field. Since the brand’s inception 15 years ago, MENAJI products have been developed specifically for rehydrating and plumping taxed skin or flattening swollen, overworked skin.” Lederer said.

For more than 19 years DEC MANAGEMENT, headed by Agent David Canter, has handled the professional careers of some of the world’s top athletes and helped them maximize their on and off-field earning potential. DEC MANAGEMENT’s broad array of services include management, endorsements, tax planning and preparation, estate planning, asset and creditor protection, banking, lines of credit, model management, and TV & radio representation utilizing its global network.

Participating brands meticulously curated by Averbuch at the health and lifestyle-focused conference included everything from fashion and beauty to travel such as Magellan Jets Private Jet Company, Stardust Love Hoods, Equilibrium Labs Sober Up Beverage, Flex Sport Watches, Gola Sneakers and more.

“We were in extraordinarily great company –brands that envision the future of athletic, or active lifestyles, and the products that support that,” Lederer said. “We’re honored to work with driven, successful companies like DEC MANAGEMENT.”

Skincare Summer Luxe

MËNAJI mens skincare was again a premier sponsor for the Greenwich Polo Mount Waterbury Cup.  The men’s polo match was close as White Birch just edged out Airstream by three; 10 scores to 7.  With the largest field in organized sports (300 yards long; 160 yards wide), the eight riders were in top form and the day perfect for this great summer sporting event. There are two more matches to the season; come out and join the party!

Menaji Presents Polo MVP Award

The prestigious Greenwich Polo Club, kicked off Polo Season in Connecticut with the Monty Waterbury Cup tournament, and a new branding partner in the saddle, MENAJI Men’s Skincare.

NBA All Star Weekend Gifting Experience

The Affluent Agency and Fashion Entertainment Media collaborated with Schuyler 4 Ltd. to present the “NBA All-Star Gifting Experience” on February 13, 2015. Menaji Men’s Skincare, Louis XIII, Alberto, Belles & Rebelles, Elegance Clothiers were among the popular brands and sponsors participating in the event.

NBA elites, sports figures, tastemakers and select media attended the event at the Schuyler 4 Ltd. Showroom in New York City. Other guests included Anthony Mason of the NY Knicks, Serge Ibaka of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Jason Thompson of the Sacramento Kings, and NFL legends Tiki Barber and Curtis Martin.

Menaji Participates in Super Bowl Bash

Pictured: Nick Ferguson, Warren Moon, and Marlon Greenwood

On January 22nd 2015, Menaji partnered with Sports 1 Marketing to support their annual St. Jude Children’s Hospital and Warren Moon Hall of Fame Pro Bowl reception. Over 200 guests gathered together at Morton’s Steakhouse in Scottsdale, Arizona for an elegant steak and lobster dinner. The event included a silent auction while guest mingled with Pro Football players and listened to St. Jude Hospital’s representative, Chris Tancrell, speak on all the exciting work they are doing, and what they can look forward to in the future.

Warren Moon mentioned, “I find the ability to raise money for a great cause with business clients and guests very satisfying.  Later that night, I hosted an after-party at The Mint Nightclub where we were able to celebrate what we had just achieved and revel in the extremely successful evening.   It was a time to let our proverbial hair down and have some fun.”

They are pleased to announce that the event was able to raise more money this year than all previous years.

Menaji Contributes to The Blacks’ Annual Gala, Benefiting At-Risk Youth

Honored to support The Blacks’ Annual Gala, presented by Lea and Roy Black and The Mariano Foundation. The event benefited The Consequences Charity, Teach For America, Breakthrough Miami and other worthy causes that support educational resources and experiences for at-risk youth. The star-studded night featured a performance by Aretha Franklin and an auction, which had guests bidding excitedly on a variety of luxury items, including Menaji Skincare products.

Photos courtesy of The Blacks’ Annual Gala