MENAJI Advanced Men’s Skincare Debuts Special Grooms Kit on GLAM All-Star Voyage 5-Day Learning Cruise

MENAJI Advanced Men’s Skincare announced this month it would be partnering with professional makeup artists on the GLAM All-Star Voyage, a special event makeup services seminar at sea sponsored by The Limitless Look Magazine, by providing a men’s grooming portion to the curriculum. For the first time, this group of professionals will learn about male-specific skincare products for bridal bookings.

Professional makeup artist Sameisha Frazier is the founder of GLAM All-Star Voyage that fuses makeup artistry and travel into one amazing combination. With a Master’s in Psychology, Frazier understands the importance for both bride and groom to feel confident on their wedding day. Frazier said she founded the continuing education for makeup professionals seminar at sea because every artist at every level should always seek opportunities to learn and improve their craft, and have fun while doing it. Some of the special courses attendees can register for include technique for full face application and marketing in terms of personal and professional branding.

According to the Wedding Study of 2014, today’s grooms and groomsmen are caring more about their appearance and spending more on gifts for their male bridal parties than ever before. MENAJI Advanced Men’s Skincare created a special Grooming the Groom kit with pre-wedding grooming essentials designed to get rid of problems like oily shine and tired eyes before the big day.

CLEAR SHAVE 3-in-1 Formula is a botanical-infused clear gel that allows for precision shaving without the use of water. Perfect for makeup artists working on location.

Power Hydrator Aftershave delivers extra hydration to minimize facial lines, and lock in moisture, plumping that face for photos.

911 Eye Gel reduces puffiness and dark circles from around the eye area in minutes, so the groom can walk down the aisle fresh and relaxed.

LipAgent with SPF 15 is a nourishing lip balm to soften and moisturize lips.

“Embracing a new skincare regime before their wedding is not something that grooms have liked to do in the past, but today, grooms are increasingly desiring special treatment on their day and knowing they have to look better than their best,” said Pamela Viglielmo, MENAJI President. “We heard about the GLAM All-Star Voyage and wanted to remind them to fit grooms into their event-day packages.”

In order to further fill this need for grooms, each attendee of GLAM All-Star Voyage will learn about grooms services with MENAJI products, be able to sample Grooming the Groom kit products and also receive 60% off all MENAJI Products through a special code for this event.

The first GLAM All-Star Voyage was created in 2014 as a groundbreaking method to combine beauty and travel into one event to discuss products, application technique, and branding, but now has blossomed into a 5-day expo aboard one of Carnival Cruise Line’s fun ships. This 2nd Annual GLAM All-Star Voyage event will be aboard the Carnival Triumph sailing out of New Orleans to Mexico’scaribbean coast on Monday, August 29 to September 3, 2016. Featured makeup artists this year are: Alexandra Butler (@themuaalex), Lauren Nicely (@lonicely), Kluermoi (@kluermoi), and Jessica Haynes (@makeupbyjess).

MENAJI Advanced Men’s Skincare Announces #SaveWater Campaign with its Water-Free Luxury ClearShave 3-in-1 Gel

MENAJI Advanced Men’s Skincare announced today that it would launch its new campaign #SaveWater on March 22 World Water Day 2016 in an effort to bring awareness to the global water scarcity crisis. The MENAJI #SaveWater Campaign challenges guys to turn off their faucets when they groom and choose products that require little to no water use in their daily routines.

Known best for its undetectable concealers for men, MENAJI has led the men’s grooming industry with pioneering products that were category creators. Now, MENAJI is bringing awareness to consumers who care about water scarcity, that MENAJI grooming products are effective and help #savewater such as the Power Hydrator and ClearShave 3-in-1 Formula.

According to, when the average American takes even a 5-minute shower, he or she uses more water than an average person in a poverty-stricken area of a developing country uses in a whole day.

Due to reports such as that from non-profit sites, market research company Mintel released its “Five Key Consumer Trends for 2016: On the Waterfront” which revealed that “shortages will make water an increasingly precious and politically charged commodity, encouraging (beauty product companies to address this through) innovation in sourcing, recycling and manufacturing.”

MENAJI President Pamela Viglielmo said MENAJI has been doing that for years.

Viglielmo said MENAJI executives had already created a moisturizing product that would hydrate a man’s skin without using oil and leaving a greasy residue, which makeup artists used to keep actors looking great between scenes to be used on location on film and TV sets where no water was immediately available. That product was the Power Hydrator AfterShave which debuted before 2010.

“If we called it an “aftershave” instead of a moisturizer, we knew guys would use it. Power Hydrator minimizes wrinkles and fine lines by plumping up the skin creating the perfect canvas for applying our men’s HDPV Anti-Shine.” Viglielmo said.

Coincidentally as people became more aware of water scarcity, MENAJI’s concerns for convenience also grew to include concerns for the environment, so executives created a shave product that allowed makeup artists to shave male actors on set without needing a single drop of water.

In late 2014/early 2015 MENAJI debuted ClearShave 3-in-1 Formula shave gel in a travel size. From the inside out, the multifunctional shave product is designed to be a cut above regular shave gels that leak, are unsanitary, and in general create a mess inside a man’s Dopp kit. By using an Airless Pump Delivery system, MENAJI ensures that a measured amount of product is delivered with every use, and keeps contaminants out, extending the life of the product. And because it is a clear gel, a man can shave his face, head and chest quickly and precisely.

ClearShave 3-in-1 Formula Features & Benefits:

  • CLEAR GEL enables sophisticated shaving – precise facial hair borders. (Men can see where they’re shaving)
  • ANTI-STUBBLE, ANTI-RAZOR BURN (Delivers pre-shave conditioning and post-shave toning– prevents ingrown hairs)
  • CONVENIENT, 30ML SIZE (meets air travel size requirements).

“When we say ClearShave is a ‘water-free luxury’ we mean it,” said Viglielmo.

MENAJI #SaveWater will run from March 22 2016 until the end of December 2016 and will feature contests and giveaways throughout the year using the #SaveWater to remind everyone that every effort helps — using “Water-Free Luxury” products, and “turning off the faucet” in their daily grooming routine.