Carolina Panthers Cornerback Teddy Williams Talks Grooming With MENAJI

Athletes and Fashion go hand-in-hand. What pro athletes use and wear off the field is just as important as what they do on the field. In fact now athletes lead the men’s grooming industry by way of influencing those who love to watch them play. Some experts say it is because athlete’s skin needs more serious care and hydration, others think that it’s because pro athletes are expected to look as good off the field as other celebrities. We tapped into the trend by catching up with  Carolina Panthers Cornerback Teddy Williams who tells us what he thinks.

Q.  What’s your biggest grooming splurge?
A. My biggest grooming splurge is on my facial care. I have a natural baby face since I can’t grow much facial hair so I take pride in having quality face wash and face lotion.

Q.  What’s your typical morning grooming routine?
A. On a daily I use a face wash and lotion. They work great for me. Every morning I rinse my face with warm water and apply the face wash. After massaging it onto my face I rinse it off and pat my face dry with a towel. Then I massage the face lotion on.

Q. When did you begin to use grooming products?
A.  I began using the face wash and lotion around 2 years ago when my wife introduced me to it. I have noticed a great change in my facial skin over that period of time.

Q.  What do you struggle with? (Dry skin? Ingrown hairs? Shine?)
A.  Occasionally I will struggle with ingrown hairs in my beard.

Q.  What do you think the best grooming tool every guy should have is?
A.  I think the best tool would be a good shaving utensil. But then you would have to back that with great face wash and lotion.

Q.  What first attracts you when looking for a new product (packaging, benefits, scent, ingredients)?
A.  I would say the benefits. Example: cleaning deep down in one’s pores, refreshing without over drying and fighting skin aging.

Q.  How often do you exfoliate?
A.  I usually exfoliate two times per week.

Q.  Are there any products you haven’t yet used that you think you will try in 2016?
A.  When it comes to my skin care I’m pretty set on the things I like but I’ve always been the type of person to give new products a try. You never know what’s new and how it could really benefit you.


The Designer Beard Style Isn’t a Beard At All…

Men looking to update their style in an understated way will want to adopt 2016’s most popular beard style – which is not a beard at all, but rather – The Stubble.

This look, made popular by hot and hunky Hollywood celebrities, is a brand new style in the ever-expanding list of beards. Though many have achieved the look on their own – the real designer Stubble adds a casual layer of approachability to the wearer. The Stubble also enhances a strong chin or masculinity to a weak chin.  But, although it looks “effortless,” it still does require uh… effort.

MENAJI advises any man looking to sport The Stubble this season to know where to shave and when to trim. There’s a fine line between designer Stubble and looking unclean, unkempt and sloppy.

Nothing is worse than trying to keep your Stubble free from red bumps caused by ingrown hairs. Avoid this problem by exfoliating with a good scrub like the one from MENAJI. Made with natural botanicals, and tough enough to use only once or twice a week, it can be incorporated into maintaining your Stubble style very easily. Simply remember to use your scrub on the same schedule as your Stubble landscaping.

CLEAR is CRITICAL in order to shave the hair growing on cheekbones and temples down to the line under your cheekbones parallel to your jawline. If you can’t see what you’re doing, you will end up clean shaven whether you want to or not. We recommend MENAJI CLEAR SHAVE 3-IN-1. A transparent cooling gel, ClearShave is chock full of botanicals your skin will appreciate and is perfect for precise lines and corners.

Cheeks: Top professional barbers suggest that if your natural stubble grows up high on your cheeks, you should shave the hair just below the cheekbone, parallel to your jawline. This should be performed every 2 to 4 days as needed.
Stache:  You should also clean up your mustache with a scissors or a precision trimmer, removing any stray hairs.
Stubble:  Then take your the trimmer (1 mm works best) and shave in the direction of hair growth. Pay close attention to how long you are trimming because you could go too short. Best Stubble shavers recommended by top barbers include i-Stubble by Conair, Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3500, Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7300.

Look below your chin for stray hairs and stray patches that don’t grow directly underneath the jawline. Shave these unwanted hairs off.  Or for a better, more precise line, consider getting them waxed once a week.

Finish up with a generous amount of a hydrator to plump up and protect your newly shaved, trimmed and waxed skin. Even though you can’t see under The Stubble very well, your skin still needs to be protected and kept healthy for your Stubble to look good. We recommend the MENAJI Power Hydrator.

Remember: ALL beard styles require maintenance. Avoid growing designer Stubble if you’re not prepared to maintain it.

Make Valentine’s Sexier With Natural Skincare Gift Set Shipped in Red

MENAJI Advanced Men’s Skincare, the brand that brought America the Original Urban Camo™ undetectable men’s concealer, launches it’s Valentine’s Gift Set in true MENAJI form: bold and sexy.

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MENAJI Valentine’s Gift Set for Men includes MENAJI’s multifunctional 3-in-1 Clear Shave Gel, Power Hydrator After Shave with Hyaluronic acid that traps in moisture, Lip Agent with SPF 15, and 911 Eye Gel with cooling chamomile and allatoin which soothe and reduce the appearance of under-eye bags.

Lined with logo tissue paper that ensures MENAJI quality, the bold red tube is the perfect way to say “I love you and your skin,” and mean it.

“Our products are always free of harmful chemicals and synthetics such as parabens, petroleum and phthalates. We always produce and package cruelty-free and sustainably, with the highest respect to our natural environment,” said MENAJI President Pamela Viglielmo.

MENAJI Valentine’s Gift Set is $69 and is available exclusively by special order. For a MENAJI Valentine’s Gift Set call 800.551-5067.