MENAJI Men in Australia Don’t Say “Metrosexual”; It’s “Machosexual” for Blokes Down Under


Thanks to shows like Mad Men and Peaky Blinders, men’s grooming is very much in demand in Australia. And as more men explored the well-pruned beard phenomenon, while others the shaved head, all Aussie men knew they loved product and men-only spaces to get handsome.

Reports by Business Insider in the AU calculate that 48% of Australian men spend more than thirty minutes a day grooming, and that more and more barbershops and barber schools are opening up every day.

But what does a well-groomed man use in a land with a consumer base that is made up of significant rural populations and agricultural regions with national sports that include rugby and A-league?

Front-running men’s grooming stores such as MEN’S BIZ like to carry products like MENAJI that take looking natural and well-groomed to the next level.

With a tagline like “MEN’S BIZ- A Better Life Through Better Grooming,” MEN’S BIZ dedicates itself to offering high-end products that help men look natural, but better – a top priority for his chic new apothecary. MENAJI President Pamela Viglielmo said the MENAJI brand has always been known for being a true performer by make-up artists on sets working on men that are supposed to look very rugged and macho, but natural.

“It’s no secret that MENAJI works, is easy to use, and isn’t tough on a man’s skin. We love that Aussie men get it,” said Viglielmo.

The MEN’S BIZ story is quite unique. Unlike in the USA where men prefer to shop online, Aussie men like to experience and try on product, said Nathan Jancauskas, owner of who opened brick-and-mortar shops to cater to Aussie consumer tastes. In 2012, Jancauskas launched a quarterly subscription-based grooming pack called the MEN’S BIZ Dopp Box. When more and more men asked to visit the corporate office to try more of these products, MEN’S BIZ opened stores to facilitate.

“We’re thrilled that MENAJI is in MEN’S BIZ stores and in Australia,” Vigliemo said. “Our brand has the right product assortment for machosexuals.”

911? Chill Out.

911? Chill Out.

Experts know that the secret to making a person commit to a beauty brand is the way it makes them feel. Eye gels that contain specific formulations to reduce puffiness are always a hit because you see immediate results and they feel soothing. The better the formulation, like Mënaji’s 911 Eye Gel, the better the feeling.

That said, there are more ways to enhance your experience with a terrific eye gel like our 911.

Chill it in the fridge.

The use of cold therapy on puffy eyes or under-eye “bags” is effective because cold temperatures constrict the blood vessels, which reduces the flow of fluid into the soft tissue. This results in a reduction of inflammation and puffiness—and feels really great!

Coolness also stimulates lymphatic drainage and a lot of people wake up with puffy eyes because fluid can pool in trough of your under-eye area, especially if you’ve had too much salt the day before.

Don’t make the mistake of putting it in the freezer though, because you will have to replace it. Eye gels do not thaw out back to normal. The extreme cold ruins the product and its efficacy.

Pamela Viglielmo Changemaker in Men’s Global Grooming

Pamela Viglielmo, COO of Mënaji Worldwide was interviewed by LIVID magazine. A changemaker in the world of beauty, Pamela shared her inspiration behind becoming a leading player in the men’s grooming industry, as well as her ideas on innovative men’s skincare and cosmetic solutions, and her admiration for iconic changemakers such as Coco Channel, the founder of SEPHORA and others. The interview by Keisha McCotry, Beauty & Travel Writer, provided a window into the day in the life of a Top Beauty Professional.

Shave Time? Shave Money? Win Big!

Menaji Twitter Contest #HandsomeHack Rewards Grooming Shortcuts to Celebrate National Men’s Grooming Day August 21, 2015.

It’s been called a “bridge” brand and a “hybrid” and it’s been around since before men’s grooming was “cool.”

Now, MENAJI Men’s Skincare, the indie brand that has built it’s reputation on turning complicated professional-grade cosmetics into easy-to-use men’s grooming products wants to know how America hacks grooming. This year MENAJI celebrates National Men’s Grooming Day 2015 with a contest to find out what shortcuts on grooming American men take to look good, but shave time or money.

Pamela Viglielmo president of MENAJI Men’s Skincare said men’s grooming has changed drastically since MENAJI was founded in 2000 to provide men with a luxury skincare line that was a no-brainer for men to use. The object of the game was to help men look better and natural, thus giving them more confidence to go out and conquer the world. Since then, said Viglielmo, thousands of brands have emerged in the men’s grooming market, but that is actually making it more complicated again.

“Today’s male has thousands of brands to choose from, with about as many options within those brands to filter through when choosing what’s best for their budget, time and skin. We want to know what guys are doing to hack this matrix now and we want to share it and develop better MENAJI tools to help them achieve it,” Viglielmo said.

The #HandsomeHack Twitter contest rules include Following @MenajiSkincare and Tweeting the grooming shortcut (or link to it or photo of it) to @MenajiSkincare on or before August 21, 2015 for a chance to win a MENAJI Barber Shop Quartet kit in honor of National Men’s Grooming Day. The best hack good enough to cut grooming time and/or save grooming money, wins the set and a chance to be featured on the MENAJI website and social media spectrum.

This comes on the heels of a new collection of travel bags MENAJI just launched called the MENAJI FLEET. The set of three bags serves to help men contain and organize their essentials more efficiently, so they don’t have to go rooting around larger Dopp kits or suitcases to find a lip balm, a shaving gel, a prescription, URBAN CAMOFLAGE ™ (men’s concealer) or condoms. Nor would they have to deal with having personal items exposed upon traveling.

Viglielmo said MENAJI launched FLEET because men only have pockets and traditional Dopp kits, and as far as she knew, they have a ton more to carry than a few razors and a wallet.

“Ease of use and helping men feel good about the way they look is the cornerstone of our brand. MENAJI exists to support men’s busy lifestyles juxtaposed with their need to put their best face forward.” Viglielmo said.

Mënaji Men’s Skincare “Borrowed” By Ladies

The current issue of New You magazine, featuring cover girl Paris Hilton, asks “Ladies, ever been tempted to steal a swipe of your man’s grooming products? You’re hardly alone.”

Mënaji 911 Eye Gel is a featured item in Borrow This or Steal That.

“It’s a growing trend. Men’s grooming products, often made with the same quality ingredients as women’s, are being permanently adopted by girlfriends, wives, and siblings in bathrooms across America. And since they come with fewer bells and whistles in terms of packaging and marketing, they often afford a lower price point, too.”

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MENAJI Shines in Make-Up Mecca for Stars


It’s been called “cosmetics heaven,” “mecca for make-up,” and “where Hollywood shops,” but this doesn’t begin to describe the customer experience inside Naimie’s Beauty Center in LA. Now MENAJI is part of that experience acting as a “bridge” grooming product to help men learn how to look better.

Naimie’s Beauty Center has been a favorite of makeup artists and hair pros as well as celebrities for more than 27 years. Here, each section has sometimes up to 50 options for one item. Naimies carries big name brands and hard-to-find indie brands. Now, men wanting an everyday hybrid of pro-grade cosmetics and simple grooming can find it in MENAJI.

MENAJI COO Pamela Viglielmo said this is exactly the type of store that is becoming the future of make-up and grooming for everyone, including men.

“Trusted, professional beauty supply stores are where the world is turning to find the best formulations that are undetectable, discreet, cutting edge, artistic, artisan, etc. The fact that it’s frequented by many celebrities both male and female isn’t a coincidence. And we are so excited to be the trusted hybrid for Naimies for men’s cosmetics and skincare in that category!” said Viglielmo.

Indeed on a weekly basis people can find gossip blogs and magazines publishing photographs of celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale, and all the Kardashians and their entourage, toting the famous Naimies bags.

Then there’s the huge talent pool of makeup artists working with celebrities, on TV, film sets, and stages, that rely on Naimie’s for professional-grade products, who in turn need industry professionals to assist them. For this reason, customer service has been the hallmark of the customer experience at Naimies.

“If MENAJI has been misunderstood in the past (because it’s skincare + man make-up, pro-grade but made for consumer use), then Naimies will definitely demystify it. MENAJI isn’t complicated. Easy to use undetectable concealers and anti-shine now accessible to men,” Viglielmo said.

So whether a man is a veteran makeup artist, or just a guy wanting to use the same superior tools as everyday, this is the one-stop shop for stocking all Dopp kits. Guys may even find manly bags smaller than Dopp Kits to store Anti-Shine.