Shaved Head Hairstyles Managed with MENAJI

Shaved Head Hairstyles Managed with MENAJI

Having a trendy, presentable and stylish hairstyle is as important for a contemporary man as it is for a woman. When a woman first meets you, your hairstyle is the first thing she’ll notice – after your shoes, of course

David Beckham has made changing his hairstyle a staple in his wardrobe, particularly shaved head styles. He is an awesome example of how you can transform your looks with a shaved head and add a stylish edge to your appearance. A full-shaved head can also showcase rugged facial features!

Luckily this look is well-understood by today’s modern barbershops. So choose a trendier barbershop who knows you will need more than “a little off the top”.

Here are some steps and products to use for this hairstyle.

1. Before you start the transformation it’s important you wash and exfoliate (Face & Body Scrub by MËNAJI) your head in order to prevent in-grown hairs, rashes or infections of any sort.

2. Keep your scalp muscles relaxed and your skin well-moisturized throughout the shaving process. 

3. Towel dry your head and apply a hydrating cream (Power Hydrator by MËNAJI) to moisturize your skin — it won’t clog your pores.

4. Remember to exfoliate (Face & Body Scrub by MËNAJI) every few days to prevent ingrown hairs.

5. Finally, apply ANTI-SHINE to your head starting with the back with light pats working your way to the front and forehead to prevent shine throughout.

Shaved head haircuts offer a change in style that can make you look more youthful, more pulled together, and current. Shaved head haircuts are also more versatile. They can be worn neatly styled for work, and a change in finish for the weekend is only a product choice away!

MENAJI Aligns Itself with Top-Shave Culture, Men’s Grooming Oasis, MenEssentials in LA

If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter chain beauty store that has only one shelf set aside for men’s grooming products, this isn’t it.

Nestled in the heart of Glendale, CA, sits an oasis of manliness, a retreat from femininity – MenEssentials. Founded in 2000 in Canada, MenEssentials has opened a new retail store at 234 1/2 N. Brand Bvld, Glendale, CA, offering more than 1,200 unique products just for men.

From unique men’s haircare and men’s styling products to sexy men’s fragrances, MenEssentials has it all, set in a metro-manly setting. The store is designed with the intent to become every man’s “grooming mancave” where men are able to comfortably shop for products that are designed just for them and also learn about their skincare and grooming.

“MENAJI and MenEssentials are excited to introduce to all Angelenos the new MenEssentials store in LA featuring the full MENAJI product line up. The Los Angeles store is the first among many that MenEssentials will open in the next few years to introduce the exciting world of shaving (MenEssentials-style) to all Americans. Our mission is to transform the daily routine of shaving and grooming into a zen-like experience that all men can enjoy! We simply want our customers to look and feel awesome,” said Greg Aghamanoukian, CEO for MenEssentials.

MENAJI COO Pamela Viglielmo said MenEssentials is the first Canadian retailer to offer MENAJI, skincare and specialty products for men. MENAJI has been a part of the brand offerings in Canada but is happy to welcome MenEssentials to the US, to her excited clients who reside in the area.

“Now our customers don’t need to go far in the LA area if they want to find some of our other products or test our CAMO concealers or HDPV Anti-Shine – they can go to MenEssentials,” Viglielmo said.

MenEssentials retail store, said Viglielmo, offers many men’s grooming products that are made from natural ingredients, like MENAJI, that offer a healthy alternative to commercially available shaving and skin care products.

At Their Annual Client Retreat, DEC Management Clients Plan for Contract Negotiation and Looking Good with MENAJI

Eric "WeddlesBeard" Weddle of the NFL's San Diego Chargers sports MENAJI skincare at DEC Management Client retreat in Las Vegas
Eric “WeddlesBeard” Weddle of the NFL’s San Diego Chargers sports MENAJI skincare at DEC Management Client retreat in Las Vegas

NFL players are used to memorizing plays and strategy on the field, but off the field, their strategy is even more important to protect their personal brands. How they play their game and how they work their hustle off-field determines the longevity of their careers and the scope of their own personal brand for endorsements and careers which will bring in money long after knees and shoulders give out.

This year NFL clients of the DEC MANAGEMENT, convened in Las Vegas for a weekend-long conference of pampering and planning June 25-28. It is the 19th year in a row that agent David Canter brings his clients to Las Vegas to bond. The professional athletes attended an incredible line-up of exclusive events, including a dinner and tasting with renowned cognac brand, Louis XIII. Fashion Stylist Megan Averbuch, working with DEC to produce the event, unveiled a gallery of national brands for DEC clients to sample during the conference, including MENAJI Men’s Skincare, an NFL gifting favorite. MENAJI Marketing Executive Yvonne Lederer said working with Averbuch and DEC MANAGEMENT was a perfect fit.

“We know athletes are the toughest on their skin. Training and competing make your body look great, but it can tax your skin. Athletes need tips and tools on how to get a glowing complexion off field. Since the brand’s inception 15 years ago, MENAJI products have been developed specifically for rehydrating and plumping taxed skin or flattening swollen, overworked skin.” Lederer said.

For more than 19 years DEC MANAGEMENT, headed by Agent David Canter, has handled the professional careers of some of the world’s top athletes and helped them maximize their on and off-field earning potential. DEC MANAGEMENT’s broad array of services include management, endorsements, tax planning and preparation, estate planning, asset and creditor protection, banking, lines of credit, model management, and TV & radio representation utilizing its global network.

Participating brands meticulously curated by Averbuch at the health and lifestyle-focused conference included everything from fashion and beauty to travel such as Magellan Jets Private Jet Company, Stardust Love Hoods, Equilibrium Labs Sober Up Beverage, Flex Sport Watches, Gola Sneakers and more.

“We were in extraordinarily great company –brands that envision the future of athletic, or active lifestyles, and the products that support that,” Lederer said. “We’re honored to work with driven, successful companies like DEC MANAGEMENT.”