Work or Pleasure – Quick Trip Essentials for Men 2015

Spring fever is everywhere and we’re ready to take off for ANYwhere. Even if it’s just for work.

But whether you’re traveling for work or a fun weekend, your experience is better when you are prepared. After years of packing as a “global executive” for “short-notice” business trips, here are the essentials (concierges, executive airport clubs and personal valets notwithstanding) that you should have to keep things from crashing.

1. Priority Pass
App is free to download; Three membership plans available for additional benefits
Weather delaying your flight? Use the Priority Pass App (in the App Store) and find the nearest airport executive lounge and its amenities. Members of Priority Pass can use more than 700 airport lounges worldwide regardless of airline or class of travel. Pretty cool.

2. Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger
Outlet shortage at the airport?  A multi-socket power strip helps share the juice from a single public outlet. Never again forget any electronics in your hotel room because you’ll be plugging all of your electronics into the same place, thus, less likely to leave one behind. (Abroad, you’ll need to use an adapter and a converter though…)

3. J-Pillow
Plan to sleep on the flight? Traveling can be a real pain in the neck, but not with this travel pillow. Through a revolutionary design J-Pillow delivers perfect neck alignment and a restful experience, thus, well worth toting it.

4. Hammacher Schlemmer’s The Thinnest Backup Laptop Battery
Worried about running out of charge? This slim profile battery weighs less than 1 1/2 lbs yet packs a mighty 13,200 Mah battery for up to 3 1/2 hours extra laptop time – ideal for long, cross-country flights.

5. Mënaji ClearShave 3-in-1 Formula
Noon o’clock shadow and stuck on a plane? No worries. Mënaji’s Clear Shave 3-in-1 gel doesn’t require water and lets you see exactly where you are shaving so you can shave quickly and gently. Post-Shave — botanical extracts serve as a natural toner to prevent ingrown hairs, dehydration and razor burn. Perfect for sensitive skin. Oh, and yep, it’s regulation travel size.

6. Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel Hand Sanitizer in JELLY WRAP™ Carriers
$3 at Walmart
Can’t wash up before you eat? Purell helps travelers stay germ-free with a snappy handle you can’t lose track of.

7. Sharper Image Travel Compression Bags
Can’t decide between which shirts and ties to bring? Bring them all! These convenient compression bags increase luggage space by up to 70 percent.

8. Crease Release
Ironing no option? Pack this travel size wrinkle-eliminator. One spritz and your wrinkles are gone, and you’re off to the races!

9. The World’s Smallest Automatic Umbrella
Hate unprofessional-looking hoods, raincoats and ponchos? With this item, there’s no reason to ruin your professional image or get wet! At only 8” long, this is the smallest umbrella on the market and can fit in your pocket, but it opens up to a 40″ diameter canopy! Designed by pros, its sturdy construction won’t collapse in a storm. Never get caught unprepared by a sudden downpour again.

And 10.  Patagonia R1 Pullover
Need an extra layer on the plane but don’t want the bulk?
A Patagonia classic, the R1 is breathable, lightweight, and crunches down to nothing to stow away. And in true Patagonia style, it’s design is flattering.

Honorable mention goes out to the B4 YOU BOARD App (Free) that allows you to order food from restaurants in select airports before you arrive and have it waiting for you at your gate so you don’t end up spending $20 on pretzels.

That’s it. Don’t forget your passport.

MENAJI Gives Faces a Winter Break

Menaji Sunless Tan and Kabuki brush is the healthy way to tan.

For men who dream of golden beaches and golden skin, at least one of those dreams can instantly come true.

Menaji’s Sunless Tan allows men to bronze up and look like they just returned from a tropical vacation. Designed for daily wear, Sunless Tan creates a natural-looking, healthy glow to give winter skin a lift of color.

However the glow from Menaji is a step above many bronzers on the market, said Menaji Marketing Executive Yvonne Lederer. Menaji’s Sunless Tan is vitamin-based and lightweight, and also created by a professional to help men be camera-ready.

Menaji President and Founder, Michele Probst said Sunless Tan is an offshoot of her already popular line of HDPV Anti-Shine products for which Menaji is known.

“When I developed Sunless Tan I didn’t want to compete with liquid tanners or anything that would produce a drastic color change. I wanted a smooth, undetectable finish made for the unforgiving clarity of high definition television that can amplify the bone structure or be dusted all over for a warm glow,” Probst said.

And, said Probst, because tanning powders are healthier than baking out in the sun, tanning beds, and now even spray tans where DHA can be inhaled during spray applications, the results are a win-win.

Probst’s tips for men when applying Sunless Tan are to lightly dust the product across the forehead, nose and cheek area with a Kabuki brush. Men should apply where the sun would naturally hit for a healthy, sun-touched finish, applying it along the cheekbone and jawline to ensure a blended look.

“Our motto is: ‘When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you have confidence.’ A boost in glow on your skin mid-winter can make any man feel refreshed,” Probst said.

Menaji Men’s Skincare Founder to be Keynote Speaker at 2015 Women in Business luncheon in March

Founder and President of Menaji Men's Skincare Michele Probst
Founder and President of Menaji Men’s Skincare Michele Probst

On March 11, the men’s skincare entrepreneur who made men’s concealers cool for the “everyday man” will deliver the keynote address at the 2015 Women in Business luncheon, held in Mufreesboro, TN.

Michele Probst, president and founder of Menaji Men’s Skincare

, will speak about her life as a celebrity makeup artist and what inspired her to launch a line of makeup marketed directly to men before the men’s grooming explosion.

“I’m thrilled for Michele to speak at our event because I believe her story is one that any business professional absolutely needs to hear,” said Laura Beth Payne, editor of Murfreesboro Magazine and presenter of the luncheon.

The luncheon will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center on Conference Center Boulevard, off Medical Center Parkway in Murfreesboro, TN on Wednesday, March 11 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The celebration will honor 10 women from Rutherford County, who have made great strides in business. The honorees will be revealed at the event.

Payne said Probst’s unconventional success story is an inspiration to others.

“It’s refreshing to hear someone who owns her journey so completely and who can share it with such humor and candor,” Payne said. “Michele is a fabulous inspiration for women, but also for anyone in business who wonders if following her passion is worth it; I think she proves that it is.”

Probst, who resides in Nashville, TN, was the daughter of a Vanderbilt University English professor, who grew up with the pressures of an academic’s child. Probst said she did not know what she wanted to study, but went to college anyway to please her father.

After briefly attending the University of Mississippi, she left to pursue a career in the modeling industry in Chicago. However, being behind the camera and creating gorgeous faces for the camera quickly became her passion, so she enrolled in classes to become a professional make-up artist.

“I’d always been interested in art and fashion. Makeup was the perfect marriage of my two passions. Doing professional make-up for fashion shoots is just like creating a work of art, conveying as much emotion,” Probst said.

Then in the late 90s, while working as a professional makeup artist doing makeup for men for music videos and commercials, Probst had an epiphany.

“Almost every one of my clients kept asking me what they could buy or take home to keep them looking good every day,” said Probst.

Probst began to research skincare formulations and by 2000, she had developed Menaji, the first undetectable, professional-grade concealer for men.

Now Menaji has grown into a global company with a full line of 15 products that range from anti-aging to sunless tanning and is the only such line in men’s luxury grooming, found in stores such as Nordstrom.

“The formulations make it a prestige line, however the price points make it affordable,” said Probst. “They are also Made in America and include natural, healthy ingredients.” She also wanted to remove the taboo against men wearing cosmetics, so instead of marketing it as concealer, Menaji uses the terms “urban camo” and “undetectable skincare” in order to appeal to a diverse masculine market, and gift sets are shipped in re-purposed cigar boxes.

“Men’s vanity is swelling. This is the new version of grooming for men. In the old days it was a fine, polished wingtip shoe and a handsome hat. Now, it’s all about looking healthy and well-groomed, and smelling clean,” she said.

Since Menaji launched in 2000, the men’s skincare market has grown to more than a $33 billion a year industry and one in every five plastic surgeries are on men, Probst said.

Probst said she, like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, wouldn’t be the success she is today without “dropping out” of a traditional college and pursuing her passion. She said people shouldn’t feel pressured to go and then feel ashamed if they “drop out.”

“It’s perfectly fine not to attend a traditional college if it’s not a good fit,” Probst said. “There are hundreds of careers out there and thousands of ways to make a good living in business.”

Tickets for 2015 Women in Business are available at

MENAJI Bursts into Spring with Birchbox Man

Menaji Lip Agent which protects, soothes and nourishes a man’s lips with SPF 15, will be available at and inside Birchbox Man March edition.
Menaji Lip Agent which protects, soothes and nourishes a man’s lips with SPF 15, will be available at and inside Birchbox Man March edition.

Menaji, a leading men’s grooming company, has been selected to debut in the 2015 March Birchbox Man edition.

The participation was inspired by the high demand that the Menaji brand has experienced of late due to the growing market for professional grade men’s concealers and skincare products, of which the brand has been a pioneer.

Fifteen years ago Michele Probst, beauty expert and professional makeup artist with a celebrity clientele, created the brand after several years of working on male clients. Probst began to develop unique grooming products to address the specific needs of men.

“I was encouraged to create a line of men’s skincare and cosmetic products as they continued to keep asking me for an easy, at-home regimen and undetectable concealers,” Probst said.

Menaji’s featured Birchbox Man product, the Lip Agent, said Probst, should be part of every man’s grooming routine because the lips are the part of your body that are always exposed, always moving. Lips work all day through coffee, meals, meetings and phone calls. According to Probst, men are the worst at protecting their lips.

Menaji’s Lip Agent protects, soothes and nourishes a man’s lips with with vitamin E, sunflower, macadamia and jojoba oils and SPF 15, which create a protective layer against outdoor and indoor elements.

Birchbox, a New-York based leading beauty and grooming e-commerce company is best known for its subscription service that sends customers monthly boxes of beauty and lifestyle products. But Birchbox, which scored $60 million in funding back in April — also recently announced the opening of its first brick-and-mortar store in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood, at 433 West Broadway where visitors can browse more than 2,000 products from 250 different brands.

Birchbox etail has also picked up Menaji’s Power Hydrator After Shave, 911 Eye Rescue, Anti Aging Eraser, Face & Body Scrub, Deep Cleansing Masque. Now Menaji’s best-sellers will be avaialable online at

“How exciting to be part of Birchbox. They’re a pioneer in direct mail distribution as a monthly beauty box program, just as Menaji Skincare was the pioneering men’s brand that started more than 15 years ago!” Probst said.

All Birchbox Man subscribers will receive Menaji’s Lip Agent in the box. New customers can sign up for a subscription to Birchbox Man by March 31 to receive the Birchbox Man box with Menaji inside. Birchbox Man subscriptions are available for $20 per month or $195 per year.

About Birchbox:
Launched in 2010, Birchbox is a leading beauty e-commerce company for both men and women. Birchbox redefines the retail process by offering consumers a personalized way to discover, learn about and purchase the best beauty, grooming and lifestyle products. With more than 800,000 members, Birchbox users enjoy first-Touch experiences with new products each month and exclusive access to expert editorial content to help them get the most out of each item. Additionally, through Birchbox’s online store, customers can shop a handpicked selection of full-sized products from more than 500 top brands such as Lancôme, Laura Mercier, Benefit, Stila, Caudalie, Payot, L’Occitane, Bourjois, and L’Oreal. In 2012, Birchbox acquired Paris-based JolieBox, gaining outposts in France, Spain and the UK. In 2014, Birchbox opened its first brick and mortar store in New York. To learn more about Birchbox, visit