Is He the “Best. Guy. Ever.”? Menaji Has a Valentine’s Gift for Him

Menaji’s Best.Guy.Ever Valentine’s Day gift set retails for $69, and includes four best-sellers for ultimate Manpering this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and men are just as excited about receiving gifts now as women.

The Huffington Post tells everyone not to over think it. According to The Huffington Post,one of a man’s guilty pleasures is manpering. Menaji Skincare makes it easy with the Best.Guy.Ever gift set.

“Men are more conscious of their looks than you think, about feeling something luxurious against their skin, about aging,” said Michele Probst, President and Founder of Menaji Skincare. “They’re also more impatient than women and want skincare that works quickly. Like our 911 Eye Gel. It’s made for the morning when you didn’t sleep the night before. The name says it all.”

So those who are stuck on a gift idea can simply log onto Menaji and order the set by February 10, 2015. This unique gift set includes Menaji’s multifunctional, best-selling products:

  • Power Hydrator Aftershave – Infuse your man’s razor-raw face with moisture to soften his skin and maintain a youthful look.
  • 911 Eye Gel – Instantly coolpuffy, tired eyes with healthy chamomile, aloe and wheat protein.
  • Lip Agent – A vitamin E-enriched lip balm with SPF 15 to soothe and nourish lips whatever the weather.
  • 3-in-1 Clear Shave Gel – Waterless shave gel that acts as prep and toner – perfect travel size!

This ready-to-go Valentine’s gift has colorfully coordinated Menaji logo tissue paper and logos that are already put together inside a distinctive red shipping tube.

“Is that love you smell on his neck? Darn right,” Probst said. “This nourishing gift is all he needs for perfect Valentine’s skin.”

Orders are available only online at for $69.

Menaji Participates in Super Bowl Bash

Pictured: Nick Ferguson, Warren Moon, and Marlon Greenwood

On January 22nd 2015, Menaji partnered with Sports 1 Marketing to support their annual St. Jude Children’s Hospital and Warren Moon Hall of Fame Pro Bowl reception. Over 200 guests gathered together at Morton’s Steakhouse in Scottsdale, Arizona for an elegant steak and lobster dinner. The event included a silent auction while guest mingled with Pro Football players and listened to St. Jude Hospital’s representative, Chris Tancrell, speak on all the exciting work they are doing, and what they can look forward to in the future.

Warren Moon mentioned, “I find the ability to raise money for a great cause with business clients and guests very satisfying.  Later that night, I hosted an after-party at The Mint Nightclub where we were able to celebrate what we had just achieved and revel in the extremely successful evening.   It was a time to let our proverbial hair down and have some fun.”

They are pleased to announce that the event was able to raise more money this year than all previous years.

Mënaji, Playboy and The Made-Up Man: In 2015, Will Men Wear Make-Up?

MadeUpMan_wPLogoIn the January/February 2015 issue of Playboy, Joel Stein writes: “In the not too distant future, men will start to wear makeup all the time… Menaji – which names it man makeup manly things such as CAMO Concealer, packages it in manly ChapStick-like containers and mailes it in manly cigar boxes – has been worn by regular dudes including Tom Hanks, Tim McGraw and Neil Young… So you can either wait to be the last puffy, wrinkly, spotted dude in America, or take advantage of this transitional moment, put on some moisturizer with tint and out-handsome the competition.”

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Menaji Skincare Now Available at Beauty Retailer Kenig + Alcone

Kenig + Alcone, which opened in NYC earlier this year and is best described by beauty and hair professionals as “a makeup snob’s wonderland” has a new brand on the block: Mënaji.

Capitalizing on the Millennials’ makeup and hair obsession, or the “PROsumers” as owner and NYC novelty legend Ricky Kenig calls them, Kenig + Alcone is focused on bringing the most innovative hair care and makeup products, plus cult favorites, on the market for everyone. Kenig and Vincent Mallardi of Alcone, a NYC-based professional makeup distributor. have a combined industry experience of more than 60 years and both have built strong beauty retail stores.

“Menaji’s products are geared specifically for men to cover up blemishes, dark circles, scratches, bumps, or acne, and are super lightweight, undetectable, and easy to use” said Menaji’s Chief Operating Officer, Pamela Viglielmo. Menaji’s best-seller, the Camo Concealer, looks like a lip balm and works like an eraser to conceal any marks. Along with concealing products, Menaji also provides healthy skincare and grooming products. Viglielmo said Menaji Gift Sets such as Camera Ready – Hi Def for Men, and Back Stage Basics for Men are available now at Kenig + Alcone through 2015.

Kenig loved the names of the gift sets provided by Menaji. “These kits sum up what our customers are looking for. With today’s technology every-one’s a star and we have the products to make sure they look the part!” said Kenig.