Is Men’s Cosmetics No Longer a Trend?

Mënaji Skincare available at Julian's in Atlanta
Mënaji Skincare available at Julian’s in Atlanta

The Atlanta market is HOT with men’s skincare and cosmetics and it is all due to Julian Reynolds, owner of Julian’s Cosmetics. A renowned makeup artist with over 15 years experience in the retail cosmetics industry, Julian keeps Atlanta up on the trends in the booming men’s skincare and men’s makeup industry.

According to research from Mintel, men might not like to admit that they have a skincare regime, but you might find that men are stealing some valuable mirror time. The Mintel report looked at the male grooming sector, some 58% of men aged 18-24 and 63% of those 25-34 report that they use a facial moisturizing product, in contrast to the 32% of those aged 55-64 and 29% of men over 65 from other age demographics who claim to do the same thing.

The April 2014 Issue of GQ Magazine also continues to report that the use of men’s cosmetics is becoming more of a norm than a trend. This GQ writer and suburban dad of three, who tested men’s makeup from Mënaji Skincare and other lines, shows how you can put your best man forward and look healthy with today’s new products.

Julian says, “Owning my own store and working in the cosmetics and skincare industry for over 15 years, I have used all the men’s skincare lines out there. Nothing compares to Mënaji Skincare. The products truly do what they claim to do, and they smell and feel great! That’s the reason we need to carry this amazing product line in our store. As a person with sensitive skin, I breakout easily, and I use the HDPV Anti-shine powder in bronze with the bronze Camo daily and I love it! My skin looks and feels amazing thanks to Mënaji. It’s great to carry products in my store that I enjoy using everyday.”

“We are thrilled to work with Julian as he has such a strong background in skincare and cosmetics. Atlanta is the perfect market to showcase our brand given his store and clientele,” says Mënaji Skincare Founder and President Michele Probst. As a fellow makeup artist, I trust Julian’s expertise in knowing a great product when he see’s one.”

Michele Probst will be in Atlanta at Julian’s Cosmetics on April 25, 2014 for their Love Your Skincare Event. Mënaji Skincare products were formulated with the expertise of Michele and a team of dermatologists and chemists to focus on and enhance the natural properties of men’s skin.

GQ writer and suburban dad of three tests men’s makeup and shows you can put your best man forward

Some women like to watch MMA. Some men like to get manicures. It’s the twenty-first century—gender lines are blurry, and that’s A-OK. But the next frontier might surprise you: lines of cosmetics, specially geared toward men. Or as one entrepreneur calls it, urban camouflage. Could this really catch on with regular guys? GQ’s Drew Magary—the regular-est guy we know, a suburban dad of three—test-drove all the new products to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start asking … “What the F#%k Is on Your Face, Brah?”

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Meet The Soldier – The Man Behind The Video

We think it’s fair to say that everyone in the armed forces is full of self-confidence. That ability to know and feel that you can do something well and succeed is pivotal, and Major Douglas Pierce was no exception. Yet, having served in Afghanistan, Major Pierce returned home to a situation that turned his self-confidence, and his world, upside down.

Included in the April 2014 issue of GQ Magazine that features an interview with Mënaji Skincare Founder Michele Probst, is reference to Major Pierce who, thru a Mënaji customer, was introduced to our products as a way to get his life back on track. When he returned from Afghanistan, instead of a kiss and a hug, he was served divorce papers and lost all contact with his children.  However, as he began to use skincare to improve his self worth, he regained his spirit.

Moved by his story and knowing Mënaji Skincare has made a difference, we believed it was important to tell his story. “Douglas has overcome so much and has turned his life around with tools to make him feel confident about mind, body and spirit” says Probst. “He now just completed his masters in marriage counseling and is stationed at Fort Cambell in TN to help other military families find love and hope”.

You can watch the video here.