Camo Concealer’s – The New “Eye Black”

Camo Concealers - The New Eye Black


The big day is Sunday and “eye black “, a dark cosmetic applied under the eyes and intended to reduce glare, will be found on and off the field as both teams and spectators get ready!   Available at sports shops everywhere, eye black is commonly worn by baseball and American football players, all the way down to high school teams. Used to make it less likely for a player to lose an incoming airborne ball against the glare of the sun or stadium lights, it even comes multiple colors and in a waterproof formula for use by surfers too!

The history behind eye black is pretty cool.  Although its origins in baseball are more obscure, according to a study by Yale University , there is evidence of eye black use dating back to a 1942 photograph of a Washington Redskins player named Andy Farkas.  A traditional compound of carbon, paraffin wax, and beeswax , today’s eye black is more cosmetic and is applied differently than when players first rubbed a burnt cork under their eyes.

A second plus, the stickiness of modern eye black also allows it to act as a dust trap, useful in keeping grit from getting in the eyes of players. Many other substances have been tried, ranging from hockey tape to patented antiglare stickers: but none seem to work as well in negating glare and ensuring a player sees his best. NOTE: A trend in recent years saw a number of players painting their entire faces in eye black, but in professional leagues this usage is heavily fined.

What happens after the game? Men are adding color of a different kind in the form of concealers to hide natural dark circles under the eyes and improve overall skin tones.  A trend that continues to rise and not be seen, concealers blend with the natural color of a man’s skin. And, while a lack of sleep usually takes the natural blame for your dark circles, the real culprits are your parents!   Yes, that’s right, dark circles can be an inherited trait that is only made worse by poor diet and late night partying….kind of like what you plan to do watching the Super Bowl!

So, don’t be shy, your sports heroes use a cosmetic product under their eyes and you should too. A discreet , undetectable product, concealers are used for spot coverage anywhere needed (under eyes, blemishes, razor bumps, age spots), and not applied to the whole face. All you have to do is apply a small amount to problem areas by using your index finger or using directly from the tube. Lightly & very gently blend onto skin by patting with fingertip.
You can also tap down the bridge of your nose and out around the cheek over any discolored areas and reapply as needed.

Have a great looking Super Bowl!

What is a Personal Skincare Consultation?


Ever wonder what’s a personal skincare consultation and if you want one? We are giving you the chance to be in the know as part of our Super Bowl Giveaway!

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Everything you do affects your skin. From your diet, to exercise, to daily water intake, to how much sleep you have, your skin relies on you for its healthy glow. Michele will get to know you and your habits, plus provide a skin shade analysis so as to determine a daily regime using your winning Mënaji Skincare products.

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Mënaji Skincare Announces Winners in FLHS Advertising Competition

FLHS Advertising Team
FLHS Advertising Team

On January 13th, Mënaji Skincare announced the winners of the Fairfield Ludlowe High School Advertising Competition. This event was the third advertising competition participated in by FLHS Advertising students, since the creation of the course last year. Students spent the semester preparing an advertising campaign for the national brand Mënaji Skincare, which is headquartered in Southport, CT.

Five teams competed for the business of Mënaji Skincare, creating a one year advertising plan that had to stay within a budget of $10,000. Representatives from the company included Chief Operating Officer: Pamela Viglielmo, Chief Financial Officer: Eric Groberg, and Director of Social Media: Nancy Kenney.

Teams had to prepare a written advertising plan consisting of a print campaign, social media plan, banner advertising, a one-year budget and a promotional schedule. Each team gave a 15-minute pitch to the client and responded to questions from Mënaji representatives and school administrators.

The winning team was the “Mënaji Mavens” consisting of Lauren D’Eramo, Emma Pinkus, Carolinne Bastos, and Morgan Galdenzi. Their campaign was called “He’ll Fit Right In”, and interestingly targeting women instead male consumers. The group defined their campaign by stating women are already spending a high price point for skincare, and would be more likely to purchase a product like Mënaji Skincare. They emphasized that women invest both time and money accessorizing and perfecting their look, and that they want the man on their arm to do the same.

It was a difficult decision for Mënaji, and they expressed that there were ideas from each group they would utilize. COO Pamela Viglielmo said: “This Ludlowe High Advanced Advertising class with Ms. Stefanie Cole really delivered. Their semester-long project gave our men’s lifestyle brand Mënaji Skincare fresh creative material for new print advertisements and social media campaigns, as well as relevant Digital Content for our consumer driven brand in other public relations and press channels. The students were just great and their final presentations spot on!”

The Advanced Advertising & Design course at Fairfield Ludlowe High School is composed of juniors and seniors who have completed prerequisite business courses with a focus on marketing and is taught by Stefanie Cole. The course exposes students to the added element of creating work for an outside client, as well as having to pitch their finished campaign. The class follows a model set by some of the strongest college business programs throughout the country.

FLHS Headmaster Greg Hatzis said: “The FLHS Advertising Competition is one of the most authentic assignments any student can partake in through their high school career. There is no doubt that the students take this challenge seriously and their creativity and research are nothing short of astounding. I love seeing how each customer is so impressed by the campaigns that the students design and each one walks away with some amazing ideas for promoting their business or service.”

Stefanie Cole expressed “We would like to thank Mënaji Skincare for being such an engaging and involved partner. Their brand was dynamic and their positioning in the industry presented a lot of strategic challenges that were fun to overcome. Without the partnership of real businesses in the community, this real-world experience for students would not be possible.” If you are a business owner and are interested in participating in the FLHS Advertising Competition, please contact Stefanie Cole at scole(at)fairfieldschools(dot)org.

A New Year. A New YOU!

There’s nothing like the feeling of starting over or starting something new in your life.  Good or bad, change is a natural part of personal, physical and mental growth for all of us.  However, knowing when to make a change is tough for many people; especially when it concerns your job.

The New York Times recently reviewed a few books covering the topic of change and addressed specifically leaving your job from a new angle — knowing when to quit.  That’s right, quitting your job can be a positive step but you need to understand when it’s the right step for it surely can be one of the toughest changes you make because so much of you depends on it.

One of the books is “Mastering the Art of Quitting: Why It Matters in Life, Love, and Work,” by Peg Streep and Alan Bernstein, 272 pp. provides a break down of obstacles to quitting.   Illustrated with stories of men and women who had the courage to gracefully quit jobs that did not satisfy them, it provides an option, if you can, to being fired.

Quitting vs. being fired is the age old question and one that truly can be answered with “it depends on your situation”.  Either one can be a decision that is made by you so that you can be prepared for what lies ahead with a game plan.

When is it time to stop persisting and start quitting?

From the Book: Mastering the Art of Quitting: Why It Matters in Life, Love, and Work – Take a moment and answer the following questions. Just thinking about the answers will give you insight into your ability to artfully quit and kick start a new you.

•   Do you believe that “winners never quit and quitters never win”?

•   How realistic are you when it comes to setting goals?

•   What matters more: staying the course or exploring new possibilities in life?

•   How much of your sense of self relies on other people’s judgments?

•   Do you tend to hang in longer than you should, even when you’re unhappy?

•   When you try something new, do you focus on the effort you have to put in or the possibility of failure?

•   Are you a procrastinator or a delayer when it comes to getting things done?

•   How much do you worry about making a mistake? Do you second-guess yourself?

•   How hard is it for you to get over a setback?

If you do get fired, this guest post on Forbes gives you 6 tips on what NOT to do when it happens. The main thing is not to panic; change can be good.

The Huffington Post recently shared a list of books that can help you with “meaningful change”…change that can help you be the creator of positive change vs. feeling like the victim. In this list you will see some notable authors and a few new ones that can help you assess and make helpful choices.

A new year is always a chance for a better YOU and it’s OK, actually positive, to make change happen. Good luck and here’s to a better YOU!