Cool Gear for the New Year


Start 2013 strong. Here are our picks of some of the best new gear and gadgets. And they said there couldn’t be a better mousetrap…..

1) JBL Micro wireless Speakers – Any guy knows that quality sound matters. You already have great headphones and buds, but what about the latest wireless speakers? We’ve done the research and this brand is one of the best on the market. The first ultra-portable speaker featuring a rechargeable battery, built-in bass port and wireless Bluetooth connection. It delivers full-range sound with great bass – yet it fits easily into a backpack or clips onto clothing. You can also wirelessly stream audio to the speaker from any Bluetooth-equipped phone, tablet, etc.

2) Ion Strong Wine Glasses – These party glasses are not only accident-free but great looking too; perfect for any celebration where you want to look good, yet things may get a bit out of hand. Made from Japanese glass-crafting technology these handsome crystal glasses boast lead- and barium-free ions. Highly resistant to scratching, chipping, and breaking, they’re great for enjoying on board your friends’ boat, or passing the hours at her winery.

3) Bar-10-der – Gotta love the name of this one; so simple yet says it all. This bar gadget combines 10 bartending tools (muddler, standard and channel knives, reamer, jigger, zester, stirrer, strainer, corkscrew, and bottle opener). Using the same compact swing-out design of a pocket knife, this all-in-one gadget has the functionality of a professional cocktail-making set, but without the bulk. Cheers!

4) Quantum Scale – Want to stay on track; this piece of technology could be your new best friend. Starting with your first use, the Quantum Scale registers but does not display your weight; simply stores it in the scale’s memory and, from that point on, only displays weight loss or gain! This health meter can help you meet your new year’s weight loss goals.

5) Oakley Airwave Ski Goggles – Oakley takes design and technology to the next level with a built-in heads up display that integrates GPS, Bluetooth and more. The state of the art sensors give you instant access to jump analytics (distance, height, airtime). This mobile dashboard even allows you to track your buddies, control music playlists and contains pre-loaded maps.

The Granddaddy of College Football Games

January 1st marks the start of another new year. As we set our New Year’s goals, envisioning the year to come, we relish in the fact that we can put those thoughts on the burner for a couple more hours, and enjoy the 99th Rose Bowl, the Granddaddy of all Bowl games! As in 2000, this year’s match-up will once again be the Wisconsin Badgers versus the Stanford Cardinal’s and it should prove to be a close and electrifying game.

A little interesting back history of the Rose Bowl: it was established in 1902 and in 1916 became an annual tournament. For more than 60 years, the Rose Bowl has had the highest attendance in college football. This year they are expecting ticket sales to exceed 64,500. Since inception, USC, with 33 appearances, has played the most times, and with 24 wins, has won the most Rose Bowl Tournaments.

The Rose Bowl stadium, built in 1922, is now a national landmark that has hosted 5 NFL Superbowls, men’s and women’s world cup tournaments, and countless concerts and events. The Bowl game is tied to “America’s New Year’s Celebration”, which also includes the historic Tournament of Roses Parade.

So as you recover from your New Year’s Eve parties, grab your Mënaji Skincare’s 911 Eye Gel, a beer, and your remote; tune into the oldest and most prestigious college bowl game!